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Just as my crocosmias were about to come into bloom, something has eaten all the buds and open flowers. Does anybody have any idea what it might be and how to prevent it happening again next yearling?

Slugs  n snails I think Margaret.....although I've not noticed it too much on mine .  You don't have rabbits coming in do you?


Deer like them - but they take the whole flower head rather than just the flowers and buds

I have the same problem. It woud appear it is slugs. Shame as the gardens in my area are awash with lovely blooms.


Thanks for all the replies. I know it's not deer and I doubt it'll be rabbits, so I guess it's those drafted slugs again. Anybody got a hedgehog to spare?


I find giant snails here in amongst crocosmia Margaret. It was one of the few plants that the rabbits didn't eat at my last house and we had loads of frogs and toads there so no slugs!

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