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Anything that someone else cooks and does the washing up.


Ditto FB, someone else cooking....

star gaze lily

Sunday  roast, especially if someone else cooks it! Apple crumble and custard. Anything chocolate!!!


A lovely hot and spicy curry that gets the sinuses going!



A LARGE Aberdeen Angus filet of beef with baked potato, sour cream with chives and 2 veg.


Moules in white wine and cream sauce with a french baguette, in fact any kind of seafood!



Tonight is is beef stew with chedder and rosemary scones.


Oh, and I made a chocolate fudge cake (nigella lawson recipe) for afters.


We are having chinese tonight. Delivered aswell I'm staying in. It's just started thundering and lightning here. tv has lost the signal about 5 time's in half an hour.

star gaze lily

Brumbull please  put the kettle on , chocolate fudge cake!!!!!!

Secret Squirrel

OH is make home-made carrot soup, roast beef with fresh veg and tatties. Home-made apple crumble for afters. In return I said I'll do the ironing tonight. There is always a price somewhere to be paid

star gaze lily

Thank you, I had crumpets with my cuppa 


Yesterday had friends over and did cumin and lamb casserole on a bed of rice, with a gratin of greens (this dish is brilliant) followed by Walnut cake and stem ginger ice cream; all home made It's great when your guests want all the recipes.

Stacey Docherty

I'm currently into home made brioche choc chip and plain yum yum yum.... For savory I do like a good curry and enchilada's but if I were to have a dish again I have never found it is snails in Gorgonzola sauce !!!! When I lived in Berlin an Italian did it an oh my it was divine with hot crusty bread mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm


Yes, Bb, I do love cooking.

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