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Cant find Teadrinkers thread - what happening???


I thought i was just going to look and find it for you dolgarrog. But I can't.

Is anything else missing?

star gaze lily

Can't find it DDolgarrog have looked through the pages its not there

star gaze lily

No luck i'm afraid,  just looked through my followed threads and its not there either.  



It was there at lunchtime.  perhaps we ought to notify Daniel.


I wonder if it's been pulled after offer of a |hit squad" ..can't find it in MY POSTS, just disappeared. Hope tea hasn't had Email from moderator about it..I've been told that does sometimes happen.


Tea stated quite categorically that the offer of staking out the park/dilbert was not wanted and that she was dealing with it. I did suggest that she go to the papers as she was getting nowhere with the police. That was at lunchtime.

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Yes definitely there earlier I was reading through some of it.


The papers can go horriby wrong as any reporter is bound to ask Dilbert for his views of his neighbours.  Not likely to be complimentary is he?  

Can't find it either.  Daniel must know what's happened

Can't find it either.  Daniel must know what's happened

Tea,,you still there?


2 wheel Gardener thank you for the link.

Even if Tea's account has had to be closed she can surely still view the forum, but not sign in.

Tea we still care about you, stay safe love.


this is strange tea, hope you are ok. Even in my post history my comments from that thread have gone.

Oh no Tea - I feel really sorry for you & your wonderful family. God bless you & keep you all safe xxx esther



OMG what did I miss poor poor tea I will miss her and lew 

I really feel for her we all supported her and I felt we were all helping.

I will be sorry not too hear the out come. tea you are welcome to get in touch via my blog and I could pass messages on to the fourm if you want 

I will also post this message on the other thread where is tea's thread in hope you get this message love you tea and my heart is with you give lew a hug as well from me

James XX


Tea drinker has posted on here so obviously her account's not been frozen, just that thread has been removed.

I do think it's as well to remember that no matter how friendly and supportive this forum is, it is a Public forum that anyone can read and join - we need to protect ourselves by not disclosing too many personal details.

It's also worth remembering that there are two sides to every story, and sometimes neighbour/boundary disputes that appear straightforward when posted on here, can seem quite different when viewed from another person's perspective.  

Discussing the lives and behaviour of other people without their permission could be vewed as harassment in itself.  I'm not saying this was the case with Teadrinker, but I do think that we have to be careful, when we're being supportive to people with problems, not to get overcome with enthusiasm and remember to retain a balanced view, otherwise we're not really being of any help.  Hope that's ok? 

Stacey Docherty

Gonna miss tea updates..... Sad that a " chilling post" was put on. Dove that is very eloquent way of putting the message forward...

star gaze lily

Well said Dove. Could Tea not stay, change her name and just chat about gardening items and our general chat!