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Orchid Lady

Where are you Smoking Donkey?  I thought we were having an ok summer here in NW England, most things seem to be growing, although I don't have as many plums as last year and I lost all my pears (but that's another story and my fault!)


Smokin Donkey is in France.

I'd be very happy indeed if we had a few more summers like this one has been so far.  One of the best gardening summers I've known in a long while. 


Just shows how changes in the path of the jet stream can affect things.  Great summer here but too dry even though just 30 miles away from my location they have had plenty of rain.  It was a warmer than normal winter then a very warm period followed by a cooler than normal start to the summer so many things got off to a flying start but then had their growth checked.  After that the sun went into overdrive but the rain stopped arriving, so it's been quite challenging.  All said and done, I've had excellent crops but some things are a bit behind (eg toms, beans.)

Sunny here Smokin 

Hot here Smokin 

Think I'll sunbathe Smokin 

Orchid Lady

Some people just like showing off Verdun 



Wall to wall blue skies here 

Just picked a lovely ripe fig 

Hee hee hee 

David Matthews2

The forecast was spot on for SW Wales: the heavy rain came through o/n Sat/Sun & mostly today you need TWO pegs in your hat anywhere exposed to the near-gale NW wind + gorgeous wall-to-wall blue skies! Toasty inside the greenhouses!! circa 18C outside air temp. Enjoy whatever comes your way!!

Here in the NE it has rained steadily all day. It's been a mixed sort of a summer but can't have been too bad as all my veg have done well and the flowers look lovely even though I do say it myself.

Totally freezing here outside Dublin, tons of rain and a big wood fire blazing.

Beaus Mum

Sounds bliss smokin  I have had lovely summer but now rain is here I'm looking forward to putting cleaning the chimneys on oh job list! 


No expert

Been a very mixed summer here in Tipperary. Started off great with a bumper crop of strawberries and rhubarb before that. The veg did great so far, garlic picked and the onions are coming on nicely. But it has been cool of late and this has lead to blight  in the spuds dispite spraying on a weekly basis.

Hopefully the rain showers of late will pass and a late autumn flurish will ripen the few apples and raspberries

Here in Herefordshire today, strong winds and steady rain, then sunny, blue sky and a sunset!  Pottered about picked huge, juicey raspberries, took photos

  greengages ripening but nothing on the espalier apple,

  this gladdened the eye   feel very priviledged just to be


Its been quite wet here in West Devon, I havent once had to save the bath water for plants. Last year we did it several nights. I have only put the hose on the borders once, although the top soil was dry, it was fairly damp underneath.

Its been a good growing season, becsuse of the rain, loads of broad beans, runners and toms, but I do have to grow the tomatoes in the green house.

I love that yellow water lily, we are just letting the rain fill our newly dug pond, and I have one of those to go in. I hope I have alovely flower like that next year.


Beaus Mum

Lovely pics Bizzie as ever  The lily is beautiful 

Look forward to seeing your pond lyn when it fills up 

Lyn  thank you, planted a year ago the first flower on this water lily.  Have three, one still to flower, the other buds but flops on the surface, wondering if its not in deep enough. All covering the surface nicely, attracting the wildlife.

The soil here is clay based so worked a lot of good stuff in over the years. Watered new plants and those in pots from the water butt and had those heavy showers at the right time. Same here with dry top soil, damp underneath.

 There is the river close behind these houses and although it is running low I'm told that the water table is high.


Thank you Beaus Mum  it had just stopped raining and really shone out!

 How is this weather affecting your garden, any problems?

Beaus Mum

We have been really lucky here with no rain and just sunshine untilyesterday morning when the heavens opened so garden enjoyed blooming good drink

But then came the winds last night and not looking forward to seeing what's knocked over today

Although I doubt I'll be able to tell as we brought one of those telescopic lopper tools and had a lovely cut back of conker tree, plum tree and fir tree late afternoon and didn't pick up as it then poured! 

Hows all with you Bizzie? Hope you had lovely week visiting gardens 

Those secateurs sound excellent Smokin .   Most of those around now are rubbish.....always breaking them 

Sounds like a good way of life out there ....