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Hi all. I was wondering if your growing any new veg or fruit that's been a lovely surprise. As I've grown patty pan sunburst for the first time ( never having eaten them before - I know tres risqu?? ! life on the edge in the veg plot ! And I'm delighted with the results. Not only are they growing like the clappers and producing lots of fruits. But they also yummy ! Loving them saut??ed in a little butter with garlic, fresh thyme and a few smoked lardons. Love to hear about any new varieties you've discovered this year and what your doing with them.

Hello , planted some Chick peas and they seem to be growing , nobody on my allotments has grown them before , so exciting to seem them coming on 

Anybody out there grow them ?

Whats patty pan sunburst ? Always willing to try something different

As a new plot holder, everything is new to me lol

I'm getting lots of compliments on my cabbages so I guess I'm doing something right lol. I've never tried growing any type of brassica so I'll go with that

I am on the lookout of "unusual" stuff to grow there next year so I'll keep watching this thread

Try growing globe artichoke and celeriac 


Great to know other people get excited by their veg ! Chick peas sound very exciting, please let us know how they come on. Lots of home made hummus Yum ! Party pans are a member of the squash family. They are the shape of a flying saucer with fancy fluted edge. And are a lovely lemony yellow colour. They mild flavoured, a bit buttery and mildly nutty. As I read after planting them that they were similar to courgettes. I was a bit worried as I'm not keen in courgettes. But they are very nice, well worth growing a few plants.
Hope it all goes well for you fruitcake. I'm sure you'll have a great harvest and be hooked for life !
GWRS I planted celeriac but not one germinated I was gutted. Two 3 meter rows and not one ! I planted swede at the same time and got great germination. So I don't think I let them dry out. Perhaps a bad batch of seeds ? Or can they be hard to germinate ?


The party pans sounds interesting , will try them next year as I will have lots of extra room on my allotment as we orignally had half and have just taken on the other half 

you must have been unlucky with the celeriac all our germinated 

I am going to put some spinach and chard in over the weekend both kept growing over the winter 




I'm trying grafted tomatoes outdoors. Going very well, 8ft plants, loads of toms, just started picking


Hello , just dug up my Purple potatoes , Ablert Barlet Purple Majesty 

if you want something different grow these because when they are cooked they keep there colour ie. Purple 

given some to friends last year and some didn't like like them , taste was fine just the colour put them off , personally I think they are great , salad , boiled or mashed

Kailaan was a new one for me this year, also have white cues, climbing courgeytes and butter bush squash, all have only been in a couple of months, so with the exception of kailaan, nothing else has cropped yet

Really interested to fing out how the chick peas go, have them on my list for next year

Crown prince squash.  Lots of tennis ball sized fruit have set at the moment. They can grow 4 kg each so it could be interesting.


Also , last year I grew seaweed kale, which we enjoyed all winter.

I grew crown prince a few years ago, its a really unusual colour and a very healthy plant, would recomend it

Crown Prince is lovely and has great flavour.   This year I'm trying Baby Blue and Sweet Dumpling as they're smaller and it'll just be me and OH as Possum is living in student digs this year.

I grew pointy cabbage for the first time this year and have been very pleased with the crop so far so will grow more of it next year.    After years of not bothering I have one courgette plant and it's doing fine.

Normal veggies for me are red oak leaf lettuce, radicchio and cos lettuces; broccoli, PSB, fennel, kale, Savoy cabbage, red cabbage, Swiss chard, beetroot, rhubarb and soft fruits.  

I have tomatoes and chilli plants safely tucked up in the greenhouse but they were outside in a hot spell in May when we had a murderous hailstorm so are only half the size they should be and the crop will be late.  I'm trying Brandywine toms this year and new chillies for me - Hungarian Black and Bulgarian carrot.

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