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Another clue to our identity folks.

Acronyms as to how we view life, the garden and people

Mine may well be IIDJI.  Clue.  Impatience.  Impulsiveness.  Forcing the issue.

Prize for correct answer.  It's a hard one.

Orchid Lady

I'm not clever enough for that Verdun 

I would also have impatient on mine!

My brain far too slow verdun, I,m ridiculously romantic and extremely emotional..rree?!


This is worse than a cryptic crossword ......  maybe the J is for just??

My motto is IFAPIFAP .......... if you are going to do something, then go for it !  Easier than Verdun's (but then they are all easy when you know the answer).



Got yours SweetPea  Nothing Ventured Nothing Gained 

No idea re Verdun's, but like Dove's suggestion 


Chicky - In for a penny in for a pound?


LOL..... what I usually do...

Got sweet pea but that,s it


Punk doc why do today what you can put of until tomorrow
star gaze lily

Just peeked in while on a break, bet Dove's right........but Verdun's D could stand for......donuts!!  



Don't put off until tomorrow what you can do today, because if you do it today and you like it, you can do it again tomorrow