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I'm still relatively new to gardening so this year I'll be trying to get to grips with the things that are already growing and sowing a million seeds which I will have to find room for. I'll be expanding all the borders over the year. I'm going to try growing some of my own veg this year too - potatoes, carrots, onions, strawberries and pumpkins. We have a pear tree which will hopefully fruit this year too.

Woodgreen wonderboy

Good luck THG. You will love it, but don't be too upset if you get a few failures. No season or year is perfect for everything and the conditions which help one plant may be the very things that hinder another.

Only by having a go will you learn what's best for you. We've all been there. My T-Shirt is full of holes already.


This year I am going to read and learn more about gardening.

I hope to grow more native wildflowers and have been collecting my seeds over the past 6 months or so and have prepared an area of my garden to sow and just leave alone (apart from weeding).

We have a sloping garden and it has taken 3 years to figure out how to deal with slopes as we inherited some lovely but rather large mature trees when we bought the house and I refuse to remove them because of the wildlife and birds I get in the garden, the shady, rooty area beneath has always been a bit of headache though.

Just looking forward to the year ahead and enjoying the garden most of all..

Woodgreen wonderboy

Ferns, fritillaries, pulmonarias, all look great at foot of trees, shrubs. Erythroniums too.

snowdrops in spring?


garden plans for the year:

Make a stumpery with a mini wild life pond

Finish planting up white garden - it's finding suitable plants at right price causes delays.

plant up perennial border again (made a hash of it last year so will start again)

May not complete this but will 'do' something in an area that needs some interest added to it. Maybe put up a rustic trellis division or something - needs lot more thought



Thanks Woodgreen Wonderboy, I'm off to google now. 

I under planted snowdrops , snakeshead fritillaries and crocus last year so hopefully they will peep through soon unless the pesky squirrel has munched them 

Woodgreen wonderboy

Go for leaf interest,rather than gaudy flowers. lamiums, heucheras, dicentra??

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