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WHEN DID IT ALL start for you .... ..... .... . . . ..

Can you remember ? was it more recent . . ....... OR

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Woodgreen wonderboy

I hope you are right about "late starters" Bizliz, since most of my next generation (nephews and nieces) haven't really given gardening much thought yet. To some extent this is related to the type of accomodation the next generation are living in... more flats, rented etc... than we started out in, and they do like to see my garden, but we have some way to go yet to get them really going. I will help any of my lot when they show a real interest or ask for help, and so far have helped one nephew get started.

I have ranted before on the UTTER failure of GW and MD amongst others to give this any time at all, or to support the schools that do encourage the young ones......... hopefully, folourn probably, they will see this, this time?

I think it's in the blood. My Grandad had an allotment (tiny cottage, no garden) and my Dad was always a keen gardener. I had my first "patch" in his garden when I was about 5 - although couldnt really understand why seeds didn't instantly grow!  I would check on them every five minutes! Then I went to Uni, lived in rented houses - even then, I would stick the odd plant in the rented ground. When it came to buying my own home, I realised that I wanted a garden more than a second bedroom. Gardening has helped me through some difficult times - as it has many others from what I see on this forum. I think it's being closer to nature. You realise that you just can't control everything, that sometimes - however hard you try - you will fail, but that you will also have surprise successes and unexpected pleasures, and that however bad it is today, the sun will come up tomorrow! The other thing I like is that there is always something new to learn, something new to discover. How can people find gardening "boring"?

My sis is also a gardening fanatic. And her little boy (4 next month) insisted she sent me pics of "the big flowers" when they bloomed (I had given her some plugs for her new garden). His fingers aren't quite green yet, but we are getting there!


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