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WHEN DID IT ALL start for you .... ..... .... . . . ..

Can you remember ? was it more recent . . ....... OR

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My mum was a single parent Brumbull, she had me age 3 and my brother was 6 months old when our dad died.  We had a postage stamp sized garden with a lawn in the middle and the borders were roses, with an apple tree in the corner.  She didn't really have time to tidy the garden so I did it from a very young age, probably about 6 or 7, whatever wasn't a rose bush was a weed, so it wasn't difficult  From young I loved seeing the garden looking tidy and weed free.  I got my own garden at 18 and worked as an IT tech but always loved being out gardening so when I got made redundant 7 years ago I put some ads in local newsagents and the parish magazine to do some gardening to fill the time before I found another job.  Needless to say, I never did find another job and am still gardening and now have a waiting list and working for myself has been the best thing I ever did. 


My mother asked me for a Honeysuckle to be planted for her wedding day. I didnt have a clue what I was doing!

I went to the garden centre, bought the honeysuckle, came home dug a hole and chucked it in!

That was April 2011. Ever since then I've become more and more interested and learnt so much more than I ever thought possible just by trying out things and using sites like this for information

Oh and the Honeysuckle is doing great :P

This is when I first had it (Well the earliest photo I took March 2012)

 And this was it flowering this year




My Grandparents always had a wonderful garden,filled with flowers and vegetables,as did my parents.My interest however was started by the late Geoff Hamilton,I watched his programmes,bought his books and the rest as they say is history.

I was hooked,gardening has become my passion, Nothing is better than raising your own plantsand picking your own veg.My garden is my own little piece of Paradise.


Lovely post msBeehaven.  

Hated gardening until my early 20's then suddenly enjoyed it. similar to Matt really in that honeysuckle was first thing  I ever planted .....enticed by its scent I think.  Hooked line and sinker passionate about plants.  


Thanks Verdun, i'm a bit of a plantaholic as well - just wish i had more room and time



All of my family were green-fingered....... I couldn't understand it  I had no interest whatsoever.............until I watched (by chance) Gardeners World about 4-5 years ago. Toby and co. were doing potatoes. I thought ooooooooooooo I fancy that! Since then, my garden is now an allotment Last year I spent some time in hospital after a nervous breakdown My garden is my sanctury now, the place I go to lose myself in my thoughts. It has also been my saviour. I can spend nine hours at the time on the floor, lying on my belly, just weeding (much to the laughter of my hubby and kids lol). There is no where else on this Earth that I feel more content. 


I can't remember how it started, too long ago. Can't stop now, no better place to be than a garden.

MsBeehaven.....what are your fav plants?

Emma....I think gardenIng is recognised as a sanity saver.  I know it's been my escape at times too so you are not alone.  And......when we eat our produce what a delight!  I think, like the great Monty himself, I get the SAD thing for few weeks but then get lifted by the promise of spring.  For me, down here, that can be as early as January 


Verdun, my favourite plants are fuchsias and roses but love growing anything to be honest, I take cuttings, sow seeds, adopt things that are being chucked out by others!

what about you?


Oh lord where do you want me to start, how long have you got?  I grew an Encliandra type for the first time this year - love those.  The rest a pretty run of the mill ones I think

Kath Wilson, Display, Orange Crush, Voodoo, Paula Jane (bought for me as that's my name), Deltas Sarah, Army Nurse, Celia Smedley, quite a few of the really large flowered types.  I've probably forgotten quite a few as well 

Want to have a go at growing a standard next year, I took some cuttings during the summer and a couple have 3 growing points which is a good start. I'll overwinter them in the greenhouse and start them off in Spring.


Have you grown your standards Brumbull?  I'll be bending your ear for advice 


I started when I was about 11 because I was Travel sick! No one else in the family was remotely interested in gardening.


Late starter. Had no interest until my early 30s, it didnt seem very rock and roll, but then we bought our current house which had a very large garden that was completely overgrown. Initially I started just to try and keep things tidy. Next I bought a few plants and was surprised that they seemed to do ok, but really had no idea what should go where. Next I started reading everything I could but, the real revelation was when I grew my first seeds, this was surpassed when those seeds produced flowers and the cycle repeated.

Throughout hectic years of an increasingly miserable medical career the garden kept me sane much longer than should have have been. Eventually things did get too much and I spent the next 7 years in and out of work. Finally a prolonged period of illness forced me to take early retirement.

The garden has helped me to recover. I am now getting back to the person I was, still not there but, the garden has been a big part of that recovery.

Anyway perhaps gardening is rock and roll.

Woodgreen wonderboy

My parents weren't gardeners and our garden was a bit of a desert. I probably started by cutting the grass to make it fit to play cricket and putting.

I always knew that I wanted to garden, as did my wife. All the houses we owned, except one, were new-build which meant they all had to be planned and planted up by the 2 of us. The current garden is 0.8 acres., so it took a while. We also had allotments from time to time, and the only 2nd-hand house we bought had a very long garden to allow for a vegetable garden at the far end.

Everything we ever knew came from TV, books, visiting gardens and trial and error. I like trying new things, the latest being an alpine house. Alpine beds and troughs may follow.


Window boxes in a London flat - then our own garden but two babies and very little time for anything else, but GW on a Friday was my favourite TV of the week (just missed Geoff h - Mr T had just started). Then the babies got older and i gradually had more time to myself - and i just love any excuse to be outside. And a border billowing with flowers is one of my favourite sights....


Crazy Tomato Lady

I was house hunting and saw a garden that made me get into gardening, and it had beehives 

No expert

My mom kept a flower bed or two. I started veg gardening in my teens at home. Drifted about at odd jobs for a few years moved to  London, no time for gardening. Came home to work in 90's. Made redundant in 2008. lots of time and got back to gardening and hooked again.

Untill Sept last you would never have caught me in a garden hated it. In Oct 2011 i was'nt feeling well went to doctor's who sent me to the hospital which i was in and out for 6 month got two ops then started chemo treatment still getting to this day next one this friday.  Once i got out of hospital for the last time i had to find something to keep me active as not one for sitting around don't watch much TV. In Sept last year my son & daughter bought me a 10x6 greenhouse and that was me hooked on gardening got another greenhouse 8x6 now secondhand from a lady i work with who was giving it away. Now i wish i had done this 30years ago loving it so much and it's just great seeing things you sow & plant turn into lovely flower's [not all may i say . Joined the local garden club and got this great forum to help me along the way with anything i need to know life's rolling along nice and lovely just now long may it continue.



Even the thought of gardening used to make me cringe, hence I lived in a series of apartments for two decades and except for killing the odd basket on the balcony and the inadvertant murder of numerous house plants I never had any plants in my life. Then five years ago my husband and I bought a derelict house with a huge garden purely as an investment to renovate and sell on. No sooner was the house finished than the bottom fell out of the market and rather than sell it off too cheaply we moved in 'until the market recovered'.  For three and a half years, except for paying a gardener to mow the lawn, we totally ignored the fact there was a garden outside. But then, early last year, just when the market locally started moving again, something changed emotionally about our feelings about the house and we realised it had stopped being a 'temporary' place to live and now felt like our home.  I celebrated the decision not to sell the house by buying a single weeping cherry tree and sticking it in the middle of the lawn.  It looked so sad and lonely in the expanse of grass that we returned to the GC and bought 4 more.  And then I thought maybe a little flower bed. And then that looked sad so I dug another, and then another and then... well, by then I had caught the gardening bug and it seems to be a virulent and long term disease to which there is no known cure


I started a thread about starting gardening some months ago, long gone now. The answers now are just as interesting but different. Then lots of people started quite young, family influence. Now more late starters.

I was given a little patch when I was quite small, then when I was a teenager I went right off it. My mother said we each had to get up a wheelbarrow full of weeds at the start of the summer holidays. Hated it, also didn't know which were weeds!

Then when I married and had my own garden my mother-in-law came to stay. She was a keen gardener. She helped get me going and I've been going ever since