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Oakley Witch

Hmmm, think she is trying to suss me out to see what she gets away with. Never mind, I have found Iplayer tonight and found I can watch them there too

All is not lost 


Good morning all 

Grey cloud cover here in Cambridge so far but I hope the weather is better for the rest of you.

Many thanks for all those tips re programmes. I shall certainly watch A-Z on iplayer  as I hadn't even seen it was on. It will clash in future with Andrew Marr's programme (although the poor man himself is in hospital recovering from a heart attack).

Yes, 8.30 BBC2 is already circled!

Why don't we start a thread where we keep everyone informed of all the recent past and future gardening programmes? Any offers peeps?

Enjoy your day whatever you are doing



A-Z Gardening is 8.45 Sunday morning, not pm so shouldn't clash!  Happy watching it is really good.


Just watched A-Z too - thanks for highlighting it - I would never have noticed anything on at that time on a Sunday morning.  I know its only recycled tv - but it was put together really well, and will help fill that winter tv gardening hole that seems to last so long.  Its silly really, coz its the one time of year when I have time to watch the tv - too dark to be outside when I'm not at work.

Have not watched for a couple of years. Sme old stuff again and again.. May watch when Monty leaves. Alan Titchmarch and Geoff Hamilton far far better. Please get another presenter.


Bunny ...
Ohhhh I hadn't even noticed that a-z , must record other half will be pleased I'm already filling the planner with gardening !

A-Z really good and Carole Kline Fridays why can't we have gardening everyday? i'm sure there are more gardeners than football fans and my OH can always find a match on


Beechgrove is coming to BBC2 first week in April with a new presenter and new content to make it suitable for all gardeners in the coulntry not just the 78% they satisfy at the moment.  It will be 45 minutes long.  


I pinched this from Facebook -this is how the Beechgove Garden currently looks


Bunny ...
I havnt seen beech grove I will look forward to this, I too wish there were more gardening progs, always football and my other half doesn't even watch sport.

I miss Gardeners World  very much.  I hope Monty is back with his lovely dog Nigel.

Sue H
Grr. Why Friday night? Don't finish work till 9.30 on Friday!
Bunny ...
Can you not record it sue ?
Sue H
Yes can watch it on I player but prefer to see it on the BIG screen !

Did anyone watch Allotment wars? Gosh, are people really like that?! Makes me glad I'm growing in my own garden!!


Bunny ...
Awww see what you mean about the big screen. We have sky+ so I use that.

Haven't seen allotment wars, thinking probably a good thing.
gardenning granny

Allotment wars - what a laugh.  Thank goodness we home gardeners aren't like that.Carrots growing in tubes, neighbours poisoning the water supply, whatever next!

I'm such a softy that I feel sorry for plants that "grow in the wrong place" so they get potted up and sent to a small area in my garden known to my friends as "the garden centre".  Then they come and choose what they want!  I do like Carol Klein though - seeds, cuttings....what we real gardeners do.  I hate it when I am told not to nurture something, but dig it up and go and buy another one.  Not me.  get some cuttings or seeds and have a lot more fun.

When is Gardeners World back in 2017?


Friday, 10th March