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Great to see Nigel back on his paws in this evening's programme!

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Rose lady

How lovely to see that beautiful dog again. There was a big cheer in our living room when Monty brought him to our tv screen

Caz W

Yay - Nigel's ok  and the mystery is solved.  Hope he continues to improve.

Rose lady wrote (see)

How lovely to see that beautiful dog again. There was a big cheer in our living room when Monty brought him to our tv screen

Mine too.  


what a photo shoot  of them both with that rainbow behind them .wonder how long they waited or was it a photo trick.


I agree it was great to see Nigel again on last night's programme. He's such a beautiful dog.

We were both pleased to see Nigel again and hadn't read anything about his disappearance so we were fearing the worst. Loved the rainbow beyond the gateway.


Oh boy, what a treat............and to keep it till the ENDof the programme! What a pleasure it was to see them together again. Jumping on to a wall? Has nobody told him about OLD AGE?


Great to see Nigel. Perhaps our postings are read then!. Hope he is soon chasing balls again.

Was quite teary last night when Monty brought Nigel on at the end of programme. Was lovely to see him although obviously he wasn't his usual sparkling self. Hope,as Monty said he'll be completely recovered by Spring. Hard to believe he could damage himself so badly just jumping for a ball ( not jumping on a wall jatnikapyar!)

How relieved Monty and his family must be to know Nigel is on the road to recovery. I know what it is like to have your dor poorly, mine was diabetic so she was at the vets all the time. Lovely to see Nigel, thank you Monty for letting us know.

I started to laugh as they played "Making plans for Nigel" my husband merely thought I was a bit madder than usual,  so I realised milliseconds before he appeared that we were going to see Nigel.   He looked a little subdued and presumably was on a lead to make sure he does not go leaping off.  It is always very worrying when an animal companion is unwell, especially when sudden and serious in nature.   Wishing Nigel a full and speedy recovery. 

Relief here that Nigel is recovering. I really don't see why anyone would object to him being in the programme. He may be in some shots but does not disrupt the flow of events - unlike my dog who loves to grab a spare glove and run off with it - bless him!

I am a chocolate labrador called Ruby and I'm pleased to hear Nigel is ok after a spinal injury. I also had a spinal injury whilst chasing a ball, 3 years ago, but am fine now apart from a slight stumble as I walk. Owners don't realise just how quickly these things can happen!

It was lovely to see Nigel again, I really missed him and I was wondering where he was. It even made me cry when I saw him again. I love them both Monty and Nigel, they make a great team.


Lovely to see Nigel back again and great that Monty and the team know we care and have responded.   Loved the rainbow and the music - and yes, I too had a tear in my eye.   I played and re -played the end with Nigel and have now kept that recording.  Hope Nigel makes a complete recovery.  His little eyes did look unwell.   Keep warm nigel.

Agree with all.Great to see Nigel again as I had feared the worst

Great to see Nigel on the last programme of the series.   He did look slightly unwell (in his eyes) but I'm sure he'll have a good rest and make a great recovery for next year.     Monty, can I be Nigel's agent please?   I wonder how old Nigel is.  Does anyone have any idea?

Can't wait for the next series.

Good Day,

We are worried about Nigels` ear infection,Monty should perhaps spend less time in the garden and keep an eye on Nigels` health.Looking forward to his complete recovery.    Perhaps Nigels` agent could comission a book for him!

                Best wishes to Nigel  &  Monty.

                          Paul & Carol.



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