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Helen of Bury

  Really missing Nigel now...last 2 programmes and "no show"..

Does anyone know of his whereabouts ?



Caz W
Steve Johnson wrote (see)

Monty tweeted during the week that Nigel had unexpectedly ended up at the vets with some degree of acute mobility issue so I assume he is on bed rest.

We talked about this in a thread "In the Potting Shed" last week.  Quite a few of us are missing Nigel too (sorry I don't know how to insert the link for you)


I miss Nigel too, I wish GW would tell us what's up.........a weekly report on GW would be good come on MD we ARE concerned.


As I said earlier MD is avoiding/ignoring questions on Nigel so I would suggest that we show a little sensitivity about this.

Really miss seeing Nigel hope that he will be back on our screens soon


All the family are missing Nigel. Hope he is back soon.

poor Nigel, hope he is back on his paws soon, we are really missing him.  It's lovely the way he is happy to just be around Monty and follows him about.  Get well soon Nigel, we need you back!

Daniel Haynes

Hello everyone. I've checked with the programme team, and have been assured that Nigel will be appearing again soon. He's a family pet, and isn't always in the garden on filming days, but he will be back!

Daniel Haynes


That's good news   Thanks for letting us know.

nigel may be a family pet, but he is now a star of the program and we all love seeing him   It's apple season, we know how he loves his balls that grow on trees  Glad Nigel is ok and i look for his waggy tail behind every border


That is good news

Pam LL x

So glad there's good news about Nigel. We're a soft hearted lot, thankfully.

Thank the Lord pet? Has MD not told him that he is a Tv star now? I was planning to boycott GW unless he returned!! Thank you again....bless

Gary Hobson
jatnikapyar wrote (see) pet? ,,, he is a TV star...


For fans of Nigel, his famous potato trick....

Highland Jeannie

"The Nigel Show" as my husband calls it, has not been the same lately; we'll both be glad to see him back!


I think we need a vet's bullitin posted on the gates of BBC

Ron Whittle

How glad I am to see this thread. My wife has been asking me for weeks "Where's Nigel". Sorry to hear he may have been unwell, it comes to us all as we get a little older. Glad that he is going to be back on our screens soon.

We will be watching out for Nigel!.


Hope Nigel gets better, really miss him.  I like Monty, but when Nigel's on I watch him and miss what Monty's said.

I wonder what's Nigel's preferred potatoe of choice?