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Love the tales Mike, and didn't it turn back the clock hearing you mention Woolwich. I was born in Dartford and bought up in Erith. We used go to Woolwich market shopping.

Orchid Lady

Has someone upset you Mike?  


Great story Mike,keep them coming 

Orchid Lady

I agree Mike and I think I know what you mean in particular, but I didn't say anything. I did wonder though if that's why the Forkers thread was quiet tonight.  I'll be honest, I love reading most of your posts, some (such as bikes) don't interest me, but that's just because I don't like them, I wouldn't dream of upsetting you if others are enjoying the thread. On the whole, I love reading your stories, your advice, your comments 


I don't really know what is going on Mike but whoever is getting to you could, if they wished, just ignore you. As they choose not to ignore you, they must be wanting to upset you, for whatever reason. But you, in your turn, can ignore them. Just put their details into the Your Settings section and you'll never see them again.



I too thoroughly enjoy reading your stories Mike. Talkback and the Potting Shed are here for off-topic subjects,whether it be idle chit-chat,life stories,the weather or whatever. There are a whole lot of other sections dedicated to gardening in all its areas of specific interest. Keep posting my friend 

Mike. I doubt if I would recognise any of that area now. I left Kent in 1970 when I was only **years old. Not giving my age away yet I did take my mother back down to see her brother in 2001 and I didn't recognize any of Erith. Her brother is now living in Canterbury so I don't get to any of the old haunts now, but I have been there virtually, compliments of Google maps, street view.

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