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Hi all. I was wondering if Mike is alright. I am back at work now after 2 weeks off so I don't get online as often and haven't seen any posts from him. I'm hoping he's ok and I've just missed his posts.

I wouldn't worry too much Pauline.....people come and go..........the forum doesn't depend on just one person 

Orchid Lady

There was a thread about slugs the other night so I think he is ok 


I think he's working on some writing on gastropods for a US magazine.  He did post the other night.  

Hey Philippa.......  Not nice.  

Everybody is important here and everyone would be missed.....even me and my classy jokes.

Would miss Mike's threads 


I was concerned mainly because of his recent medical issues. He'll be back I'm sure.

Verdun.........why not nice ?   I didn't say Mike was any less important than anyone else...........surely  it is up to each individual how often they post..........sorry if I offended but this forum is about  all the members............Mike is one among many other posters.  I assume he will post when he has something to say...........otherwise presumably he has other things to do.

Yes, you are right, everyone is important........I wasn't intimating otherwise.......but give the guy a break

Sorry.......not often I disagree with you ( except about Bamboo maybe ) but I think you are being unfair to say "Not Nice"..........this forum does not depend on one person (whoever it might be )  to keep it would be bloody boring if that was the case.


Orchid Lady

Me three actually but reading Philippa's last post maybe the first one was just misunderstood?  I hope so 

Seems like I've opened Pandora' s box. Sorry

Orchid Lady

i need to look that up David 

Orchid Lady

Don't be sorry Pauline, I was wondering the other day but if you go on someone's profile under posts you can see their last post, which is how I knew Mike had started a thread.

I think he is busy writing though as Verdun said, or at least I hope he is.


It's great we can all say our bit and move on without rancour 

Mike......Love his posts but I often disagree with him but can't ignore him 

Orchid Lady

I usually start reading them at night....too late, in one ear and out the other.... so I read them all again in the morning when my brain is alert and can at least absorb some of what he says 

Advertisement got it in one.......hadn't realised there was still so much of a difference between Northern language and Southern.

Verdun, David, Pauline, Lilly.............I'm sorry you were so offended .........what I was trying to say ( and so obviously spectacularly failed as far as you were concerned ) was that Mike would post on the forum when he wanted to/had something to impart.  I truly don't see the point of asking why he hasn't posted ......he has been sick after all and judging by his latest posts, has other fish to fry as well.  As I said, give the guy a break rather than trying to pressurise him into thinking he HAS to post......that seems a little selfish to say the least.

I don't mind admitting that I don't always see eye to eye with Mike but have always thought (and said ) that he is a  good contributor to the are others 

Orchid Lady

I just like it when we're all friends  Life's too short for s***