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We recently had to cut down a line of tall leylandi trees that were rotting, therefore now leaving our garden very overlooked We would therefore like to plants some new trees to Screen the house next door. 

Which trees would you plant? We would ideally like A Variety of colours, and something that gets quite high (to cover windows), but which doesn't encroach tooooo much into the garden. 

Any ideas gratefully received. Thank you! 


What a great opportunity! What space / length do you want to cover and what other planting will you want?
I only have to choose one where a tree died last summer. My local GCs have tall trees for around ??30-??40. One charges ??5 delivery, the other ??25! Online suppliers have extensive varieties, again check the delivery and also phone to ask the supplied height. I planted a golden ash last year and my personal favourites to choose for the 'new' spot are : silver birch varieties, liquidambar, crateagus, oh its endless, and a very personal choice. My advice would be to wander around GCs check requirements online, take tour time and enjoy!
Mark 499

How about some Sorbus, they have good Autumn colour, berries & they don't get too big.


I'm fancying a silver birch for my garden too! And then I think about a cherry tree. And then I think about a rowan tree. 

Mrs G has some good advice, I'm hoping to make a trip to a GC tomorrow to eye up the trees on offer 

Good luck with your planning and planting 

I would choose a theme, a selection of snake bark Maples, Silver Birches or perhaps Rowans.crab apples there are great varieties.Why not consider apple trees fruit and blossom.There is also enough space for a hen run.



I first thought of copper beech, it would hide the house and be beautiful, but it would probably be bigger than you want eventually and spread out too much. Silver birch grows tall but lets light through, but being light and airy may not hide the house in winter. Do you mind about winter? Some of the normal small trees for gardens, like crab apples probably wouldn't be tall enough. Maples are lovely and there is a variety.

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