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Hello everybody , we have been harvesting Beetroot this week for pickling and pulled up a white Beetroot , never seen one before

wonder if this had happened to anybody else , have pickled it not sure what it will taste like

also notice another one which we left 

I knew they exist, never had that happen tho, how odd!

White beetroot (and yellow and stripey ones for that matter) taste like beetroot 

I think that now that more different varieties are being grown, the chance of the occasional seed getting stuck in the packing machinery and slipping into the next batch is bound to happen.  

One of Gardening's little happen-stances   You may find that you prefer them and buy those seeds next year .....

Singing Gardener

I'm growing a mixture of colours this year and cooked one red and one white to contrast the other day. I preferred the white one, which was sweeter, but OH preferred the red one which had a stronger taste. 

Steve 309

I had a rogue white in last year's lot.  Delicious.  And a ringed ones too, come to think of it. 


I am now harvesting my beetroot and have a few white ones in the crop of mainly normal red beets. Having read the above, I assume that this is a fairly normal occurrence.

Hello , yes it turned out to be quite common 

have a good day 

  my first attempt at beetroot, still have some to lift too and i too have had a couple of white ones and thought there must me something wrong with them. Whats the best way to cook them?

Hello , cook white beetroot the same as red , however , if you want white to stay white don't mix it with the red 

O/H pickled our , taste the same just looks different 

Beets look good , is this at home or on allotment ? Just being nosey 

I find white are a bit less earthy than red, otherwise the same. I cook some by wrapping in foil and baking at 200C for 1 hour, then peeling, slicing, and soaking in salted vinegar. Others are peeled and cut into strips, then added to stir fries, risotto etc. The leaves are edible and can be eaten like spinach and chard, if the **** sparrows have not eaten them all ...

Hello , not eaten the leaves , something to think about

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