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Over the last four days the lavender has been covered in hundreds of little bits of white bubble 

it looks a bit like the bubble from the washing up bowl 

what is , if it's a problem what do I need to do now 



Something I know!!

It sounds like Cuckoo spit, it's just a little green bug that excretes the bubbly substance, as far as I know it's nothing much to worry about, I've got it all over a hedge, and so long as you don't sit under it, it's no problem at all, the rain usually washes it off.

Have a quick google for more info


Yes - SP has it. If it bothers you just wash it off with a jet from the hose or a squirty bottle of water. It's a little froghopper which causes it and it doesn't really do any harm  


This is the first thread I've correctly problem solved, so thank you Pops3! Hopefully it doesn't cause you too much concern, I'm quite fond of cuckoo spit, it means summer is coming to me!

If you're brave if you move away the bubbles with your finger you can see the tiny little froghopper, I think they're quite sweet as bugs go!


Well done SweetPea 

Have a doughnut 



Steve 309


with tea please

gardenning granny

Ooh Dove - that's plain wicked - I keep hoping that digging over the heavy clay in my garden will get me fit - not fat!

Thank you all 

its the first I've seen since I was kid 

Congratulations sweetpea93


We used to call this frog spit when we were kids 


No calories in the GW doughnuts GG 

Excitable Boy
Pops3 wrote (see)
its the first I've seen since I was kid 


Yeah, there does seem to be loads of it around this year for some reason.

Orchid Lady

Ha ha Sweetpea, you sound just like me, but I explained to my son first 

I have posted on another thread about Cuckoo Spit too, but I haven't seen any for years and definitely not had any in this garden (we've lived here almost 5 years) but this year there is quite a lot, on my lavender too and my roses.

It doesn't do any harm though 


I noticed also loads of CS on my lavender yesterday and am glad to hear it does no harm - which answers the question I was going to ask. Nice to know GW members' knowledge is now operating telepathically!

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