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Hi, why can I no longer post on the boards....


Zoomer - I am confused

Pam x

There is something odd going on, if I could post huggy smiley from IPad to zoomer I would. But currently feeling slightly nauseated by Olympic flame stuff. Am trying to wriggle out of watching it being carted through Totnes on Sunday.


I have to keep going back to my e-mails to see who is posting and follow the link! I could have a gremlin in the computer. Our discussion isn't going to the top of the new postings board either or does it on your screen! 


Hi zoomer I can see you at the top of new postings, I also did a search on you and found some old posts you made

Another thought Zoomer, I was using PC earlier, scan showed some sort of virus which blocked access to websites. On iPad now, but it might be worth running a scan on your PC.

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