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We have wild rhubarb growing near our cottage which is in the country. Is it safe to cook then eat the stalks?


Rhubarb is rhubarb wherever it's growing. As long as you're sure it's rhubarb. Though    can't think of anything that could be  mistaken for it.

Great, thank you!


Hogweed comes in a red stemmed version which could look like Rhubarb. Mind there is an easy way to tell, pull a stalk and smell it, nothing but Rhubabrb smells like Rhubarb.


Rhubarb does not come in a 'wild' variety.  It is either something else and should be avoided or has grown from a thrown-out crown, maybe in an abandoned garden.



Chucked out plants must be the origin of a lot of 'wild' plants


I can't imagine mistaking anything for rhubarb. You'd only need to scratch a stem and sniff.


Ah, but I wasn't suggesting that you would mistake it Nut, but I have known it happen 

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