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I'm moving house this week and want to take a one-year old aubretia with me which has suddenly 'taken off' this last few weeks and is now a lovely plant. No greenhouse to overwinter it.  It will go straight into the ground at the new house. Chances of survival? I live in Pennine Yorkshire. Any tips to maximise it's chances much appreciated. Thank you


Pretty good  chance Mary, I move stuff around all winter unless it's freezing or waterlogged

That's great news, thank you very much, I look forward to a great display in spring. Happy gardening.

Dear nutcutlet, the new garden soil is quite heavy, should I add anything to it to stop the aubretia from getting waterlogged?


Some grit would open up the soil a bit, mix some in and put some round the neck of the plant as well.


Many thanks.

Happy Christmas x

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