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My wife has just started a school gardening club and we cleared the beds of this years crop which were a bit of a mess and sown some green manure which I will dig- in in Feb.

We are now thinking of what to plant next year but we must harvest by no later that the last we of July because of the school holidays which is when the beds will be stripped again. From September is when we will start to plant again with a winter crop.   

Does anyone have a suggested vegetable plant plan for summer and winter crops

We don't have a greenhouse or coldframes but we can utilise some of the window sills indoors 

Many Thanks



You can sow Broadbean Aquadulce Claudia now in the open ground - they will overwinter without protection and you'll be harvesting delicious broad beans in May and June 


You should be able to get spring cabbage and kale plants now from the garden centre.

The problem is that most things start to crop in July, August and September. . Could the garden club go in one day a week through the summer to keep interest going.? If they go home with something to eat, interest might be greater.Mini apple trees will have blossom in spring, will look after them selves all summer and give fruit in autumn when the schools are back.

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