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Jane Buckingham

Although we still have a lot of hard weather to come before we feel the warmth of Spring I do find that reaching the milestone of the winter equinox fills me with enthusiasm knowing that the days will only get longer from here on in. Planning for the year ahead starts here

flowering rose

funny you should say that but I had the feeling was in the air  even if it was cold, wet and windy.  The birds were singing ,the chaffinch in particular .Hope springs eternal that just maybe it wont be too long!


It's nearly spring. 

I had some sea holly germinate this week. Who sent me those? I've lost track a bit.  It's all written down somewhere though

David Matthews2

Here in coastal West Wales we've had robins (galore) chirruping for weeks, also a male Great Tit 'chiming' his springtime song for over a month!!

I've not seen the large bumble bee [previously reported on clematis "Freckles" for about a fortnight, so she's perhaps completed her brood foodstore preparations?

This morning's hail flurries were a stark 'wake-up' after the recent mild weather - is this is where the real Winter starts...?

Hi, Jane,

It cheered me up passing the Winter Equinox. I'm told the days get longer each end now by 1.5mins, not alot, but when you do alot of driving, the change is noticable after a few weeks, it's so much nicer leaving and arriving home in daylight


Secret Squirrel

Just came back from our local garden centre, they do a mean latte and homemade scone.

All the Christmas things are in the sale, and the shelves are starting to get 'gardeney' again.

I'll start cleaning seed trays soon and checking propagator lids. OH thought the tin of Roses in the cupboard were full of sweets, No, I said that's next years seeds!

March 21st there about, Spring Equinox, that's when the sun crosses over the equator into the Northern Hemisphere and the earth starts to warm up

Mark, I feel a New Year resolution coming on, mine will be to sit on my hands and not sow veg/GH stuff till after the Spring Equinox.


In the spring 

Ha ha, sorry James.  Think it's march 20 but will check it out 


o'yes when the clocks spring forward sorry blond moment silly me


No the longest day is the OH birthday (September) because it lasts for seven days LOL


Woodgreen wonderboy

Can anyone enlighten me why it is about 8 weeks from the clocks being put back in Autumn, but we have to wait about 13 weeks before we can put them forward again. Why isn't it broadly symmetrical?


Nope - I can't . One of life's great mysteries eh? It'll be those pagans...they're as bad as the elves...

Have a lovely Christmas Woody 

I'm watching your namesake just now in Toy Story! 


Too much for me WW

Happy Christmas

No expert

The equinox are March 22nd (Vernal) and September 22nd (Autumnal). December 21st is the Winter Solstice, shortest day and June 21st is the summer solstice, longest day.

My 22 year old son thinks that the longest day is Christmas eve, it's the waiting for the presents you see.

have a great Christmas all and happy New Gardening Year 2014.

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