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Carper Glith
My wifes late nan had a beautiful fushia in her garden which wad given to her by her mother in law some 40-50 years ago and its still going strong, upon her passing in February we wished to keep the plant so I dug it up from the ground and divided it into 3 large pots, one plant took straight away but the other two required cutting right back leaving about 6 inches above ground, sure enough they also both took and flowered right through the summer, now winter is approaching is there anything I need to do to keep them safe over the winter period?
star gaze lily

I have a very large fuchsia which I inherited with the house, I don't cut mine back untill about march/april time, after the frosts. Then I cut right back and it comes back year after year ti about 4/5ft high. Do you know what type yours is. 

Carper Glith
Unfortunately no I don't know the type after looking on this site in the plants section the flowers look like the fushia mrs popple
star gaze lily

I don't know what mine is either lol. Its very simular to mrs popple except the flowers are longer, rather than round. But its very hardy and always comes back after the deepest of snow. Hope yours survives too. It must have sentimental meaning to you. 

The only thing you can do is mulch them which will provide some protection if you are worried about. 3-4 inches will do.



I would think it is very hardy if it has lasted 40/50 years  I have a hardy one that I inherited and I don' cut it back until the spring so I would think it would be OK until then.   You could mulch it as Dave M suggests.  Mine is flowering the best ever at the moment. 

star gaze lily

Mine are still flowering too. Did put a couple of new ones in a few weeks ago. They have definitely grown, but do they need covering at all even tho they hardy 

Carper Glith

im a novice gardener and new to keeping fushias so dont no much about the care they need, mine stopped flowering about a month or so ago, i also have a white fushia in the kitchen deep purple i think that i had from a cutting it flowered twice even though the plant was only 4 inches tall, the flowers were almost as big as the plant



Its always best to cut off those first flowers, the plant will grow bigger root, it cant feed flower and grow roots. I didnt find deep purple overwintered outside, so I would keep it in somewhere cold but frost free. Keep it fairly dry, it will rest for the winter, then shoot out again in the spring.

If your hardy fuchsia is in a pot, I would plant it in the ground as pots freeze quicker that open soil, the put some mulch over the top.

star gaze lily

All my hardy fuchsia are in the ground, just wondered it the new ones needed covering with something

Carper Glith
My garden needs alot of work but im slowly getting round to it so as soon as I can I will plant them in the ground, is there a particular time thats best to do this?
star gaze lily

Hi Carper, just found these, might be useful.


 or  http//


Mrs Popple is incredibly hardy except for one year old cuttings which do best overwintered in a cold frame

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