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My garden wall is looking a bit bare this time if year. This part of the garden is predominantly white and green and clay soil. Any suggestions for a winter flowering jasmine ? I have tried the yellow twice with no success. I have even tried in a pot shared with clematis and still no luck  

Surprised Bluebell.  The winter ..yellow...jasmine is so tough.  I no of no other winter jasmine so I await to be educated here 

I don't think it's an ideal plant for a pot.  Could you lighten your clay soil ...even with mpc or bark chips.....and try again? 


I've failed to get this one going as well. but I did put it in some very rough places

flowering rose

I have very heavy clay soil and my yellow wintering jasmine is doing really well,I found it really likes a good clip and it does not mix to well with others ,although I have ordinary jasmine s with clematis.

I have 2 against a very dry wall.  In flower now.  They easily root themselves too so often have a new plant from them.  They are never fed.  I prune after flowerimg with shears to keep in bounds amd compact.  


Thanks for the comments. Perhaps I will look for something else to brighten the wall in winter 


I find winter jasmine very tricky as it's really too cold for it in my garden and it's desperately dull for 50 weeks of the year.

Have you thought about winter flowering clematis such as cirrhosa Freckles or Wisley Cream?   You can look them up here -  Both do well on a sheltered wall.    You could also try an evergreen honeysuckle such as Dropmore Scarlet or Halliana or Sempervirens.   They don't flower in winter but you'd have the foliage.   Another possibility is one of the large leaved variegated ivies which have the benefit of being good habitat and food for wildlife.

Obelixx _ thank you so much for your input. I  already have a few clematis and have wisley at the front of my house. Lonceria halliana looks very promising.

I grow a yellow ivy, Buttercup, which is eye catching all year round.  Lovely butter yellow foliage.  Nice behind a purple or blue clematis

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