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Hi folks

how long should Pansy's last?

should I dead head them?

sorry for the simple questions.


yes, dead head them or all the energy will go into seed making. 


Winter pansies will last all winter, given a little shelter from the worst of the weather.  They sometimes look quite poorly after sharp frosts or snow, but given a few days of fine weather there they are, smiling back up at you again.

Violas are even more resilient.

Yes, deadhead them. 

Simple questions are the ones nobody ever asks, consequently lots of people never find out the answers.  

Keep asking 


In my London flat, a few years back, I had winter flowering pansies in a south facing window box; all orange. They flowerd non-stop for a year as I dead headed them once a week.


I've still got some  of the  ones  I  planted last autumn. They still have a few flowers on them. Each time they get long and straggly I give them a haircut. Then they just start sending up buds again. I saw this tip on tv , but can't remember which programme.


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