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Can anyone advise me.  This year my winter squashes seem to be so much earlier - in keeping with most other veg I have to say.  If I start picking them now, as some are the size of footballs!!, will it be to the detriment of the flavour.  Due to their size I feel I should pick them soon, but my gut tells me to wait a bit longer to give them time to fully ripen and flavour up.  Your input would be most appreciated.


If you intend to store them the skins need to be fully hardened. If you can make a mark with your fingernail, then the skin is not hard enough

I generally cut them and then harden them off on the racking in the greenhouse, which seems to work.  So you think I should harden them off on the plant before cutting?


The RHS website says to let them mature on the plant and move them before first frosts

Thanks, that is what I will do.



Does anyone know of a squash jam or preserve of some kind?

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