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flowering rose

raked the lawn and pruned the most painful shrub ,swept the paths covered big pots in plastic and chopped up painful spikey branches and collapsed with a cuppa.

Hello Flowering rose

I bet that painful shrub was a berberis! 



Hello everyone 

I shall be collecting leaves today, tomorrow if the weather is still dry be painting my shed.

I've started to clear the front garden slowly but only up to the brambles as I want to leave as much overgrown area for the winter as possible for the wild life.





Hi James, good to see you, how are you?


KEF wrote (see)

Hi James, good to see you, how are you?


Posted that before I saw James' blog post.



Just painted my shed 

Brrrrr it was chilly but dry 





I've been moving last seasons shreddings at 5 barrow-loads a day from the heap under the pine trees to put on top of the horse droppings on  a new piece of garden. There's quite a large area, formerly completely covered by 2 laurels which tried to take over the world. I excavated a few barrow-loads of brick and concrete rubble, the odd unidentified lump of metal and some broken asbestos sheet, spread the droppings and now the shreddings. I can plant that up soon.

Then some more sticks for another heap of shreddings

What a beautiful, sunny day in Kent.  Spent a very satisfying few hours weeding and cutting out the suckers of Ribes and Philadelphus in the area behind the fence at the end of the garden.  The land is owned by the local council who have not maintained it in the 30 odd years I've lived here.  Consequently, there is an abundance of bindweed, which as you know is the very devil to eliminate.  However, I am on a mission now to eradicate it and am planning to plant trees and shrubs.  In the garden (this side of the fence) I have Mahonia, Hellebores and Ribes.  I intend planting an apple tree and some shade-loving ground cover.  All ideas would be welcome.  I also cut back dead perennials and had a general tidy up, but still left leaves and seedheads for the wildlife.

Woodgreen wonderboy

I started 2 new shady borders last spring and went for foliage plants, including pulmonarias, lamium, heuchera, erythroniums, trilliums, dicentra. Kept up interest, even now. Looking forward to spring flowers in them.

Thank you, WW, I've got heucheras and dicentras in another border, so will look at your other ideas. 

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