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Hello all - we've just got a new puppy (labrador, 9 weeks old and he arrived yesterday) and I've been reading online that wisteria is poisonous to dogs.  We've a big wisteria in our garden, with lots of last years' pods on the ground.  They seem to be very attractive to our little Pongo - just the right size to pick up and chew.  How worried do I need to be?  I can sweep up the fallen pods, but unlikely to get every last one.  

Has anyone else got wisteria and dogs, and can you offer me any advice based on experience?

Thanks all.

Have two wisterias and two dogs!


They aren't at the "chew-everything" stage so any pods which fall on to the ground aren't a problem for me.  They are  poisonous (the pods, that is!) so you need to make sure that there aren't any lying around where your puppy can get to them.  It really will be worth making the efffrt to get each and every single one of them - otherwise poorly & possibly dead puppy + vet's bills as a result.

I'd suggest you go to your local pet food place and get a lot of things which the puppy will  be able to chew safely - and you can offer one of these as a "swap" if your puppy does find (and chew) anything he shouldn't.  Is this your first dog?  if not, I'm probably telling you something you already know - but don't hesitate to ask about things if you think anyone here might be able to help.




Whether it is your first puppy or not, while you tackle the house training, also train the puppy to drop whatever is in its mouth on command.  Labs make a habit of picking up disgusting things so it will be a lesson well-learned!


A few years ago i tennented a nice pub in Melton Mowbry area, my next door neighbours dog a beautifull Labrador dog would when he felt like it daytime or evenings push the front door open walk in have a look around then come to the bar and sit and look at me with those big loving eyes they have,i would have to say hello to him and then say "come  on then" he would come round the bar and put his pore on the crisp box he fancied that time, and his choice did vary, id say ok and he would  go off with a bag to the log fire carpet to open and eat them,never leaving a mess,he was  very popular in the pub and indeed the whole village including his visits to the school classrooms, a friend has just acuired a Labradoogle hes big heavy and a bundle of fun, 


I used to have labs - probably the best family dog in the world 



Pongo says thanks for the advice!  (He is lying on my foot at the moment, exhausted from a very exciting half hour in the garden).  I've swept up as many of the wisteria pods as possible (and the cuttings) and will try to keep him from picking up any others as they fall.  Wish me luck!


Hee hee, Dove! 

He's named after the dog in 101 dalmations, and also because we used to have a very lovely 'step-dog' who we christened Mr Stinky.  So we thought the smelly theme should continue.... ! 

(Would post a photo if it wasn't so very very off-thread...and if I could figure out how to do it....)


It's your thread Rosie, and it's called Wisteria and Dogs - and we always like to see pictures of dogs on here don't we folks?

Or you could introduce us to Pongo on the Hello Forkers thread?

To post a pic just click on the little tree icon on the toolbar above where you type your post, and follow the instructions 


Hi Rosie, when you suss out how to add photos I'd love to see Pongo We have a few pet pictures on the Camera Thread. Or, post on here.

I have two Yorkies – 5 and 3 respectively. I've had them since they were 9 and 6 weeks old respectively; plus a very large, low growing but wide Wisteria. There has never been any trouble but I do "dead head" the racemes before the flowers can set seed.



Hello everyone - my name's' Pongo and Rosie says you've all been very helpful to me!


star gaze lily

Awwww how cute, want one! Butter wouldn't melt 


Rosie he is so lovely, and so well mannered for such a young pup



He's a sweetie - although right now my entire life consists of being his lavatory attendant!

Thank you for drawing attention to the poisonous pods - it is very much appreciated. I knew that Laburnum pods were poisonous, and was planning to tack some wind netting under the bottom branches of mine to catch the pods, but I didn't know about the wisteria. It could be very useful to know because there are sheep to consider here too!

Hello Rosie!  love the photo - thanks for sharing.




Once again this forum provides brilliant advice - thanks everyone.  Happy gardening!  (Now what is that little puddle on the carpet over there....oh dear....)

I just dismembered a Wisteria vine

 My pup loves to chew on it (or most anything wood)

Is it safe for her to chew on the cut ?


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