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Not that I know of - but Ma always said Winter isn't over until there's been a Daffy Snow - by that she meant snowfall about the time the daffodils were flowering. 


So true - Ma was right.


She maintains she always is - however Pa knows that he's sometimes right, but feels it's best not to tell Ma  

Well they said it was cold over the Cairngorms yesterday but I didn't feel a thing .......................I'll get my coat.......... 

The potty gardener

Ahhh but didn't we all have such a lot of time to chat on here this spring with it being so wet



The Daily Express runs the coldest winter every year now:


November 27th 2012

The express ... ars-on-way

October 10th 2011

The express ... ni-ice-age

November 2nd 2011 ... it-Britain   There is nothing in the long term forecast to suggest anything very cold - bog standard winter, at least one hopes for. Best to prepare for the worst and be happy when it is mild.
Pottie Pam

Don't mind having a  cold winter if we had a summer like this year. Earlier on this year the weathermen said the sea temperature off Cornwall was lower than it should be for the time of year and that meant we would have a poor summer. They were wrong again.


I'm desperately worried On the Jeremy Vine show this week, he did a story about the people who have to choose between heating and eating........ after my hubby lost his job, I don't see much hope for us this Winter, if it's as bad as they predict........ I'm terrified

Hiya emma

Things won't be as they have predicted.  You will be just'll see.  Just take things day by day...we all have to do that.  You know, it's WORRY that causes most problems.  Funny thing is when things are going well we still worry that things will get bad.  Aren't we a funny bunch?  

Don't be terrified Emma.  And ignore those headlines in the newspapers.  We have just had a fantastic summer yet there were warnings of another poor summer.  Enjoy your garden and your life.  


Emma, as Verdun says worry is the worst thing. It feels cold now after a warm end to Summer.

Not meaning to sound like my Mother ( I'm 55 so not ancient) our first house had no central heating only gas fire in kitchen and lounge..nothing upstairs. I'd come from family home with central heating.

1981 & We used to get bathed and run down and get dry in front of fire. We turned settee on it's end to stop the drafts and lay on hearth rug under a duvet. Ice on the inside of windows. Tell you what, it was damn cold going to loo, but we had fun and laugh about it now..we are still here. I'm not preaching just hope my story makes you laugh. I hope winter isn't a bad one, but stay on the forum, laugh with us & don't stress.


 jan 2010 came back from new york to this in north manchester .  1963 was a bad one too. for  6 year old 


I'd like to say 'back in the day when I was younger.....' but I'm only 27 


Archie my parents said 1958 was bad, my pram wasn't delivered due to the snow until I was 3 wks old. The night I was born another chap whose wife had given birth around same time as my Mum, had to stay at Mum & Dad's cos he couldn't get home..they only walked 5 miles to get to our house.

Guess this doesn't help Emma's worries, but let's hope she can smile at our pics & stories.


built this last year and been living here since, no electric bills ,no poll tax no gas bills no rent to pay
 and loving it!

freedom's great

out in all weathers to get supplies to cook,

make herbal teas, drom berries,

IF SO!!!

but if i had too then maybe i would!

i do live under a tiled roof which iam so gratefull for and have too pay the rates,

so if cutbacks (such as fish and chips or beens on toast) beans on toast then it is

as for being cold this worst predicted winter well,went booting got myself lots of wollys and blankets to rap up when the big chill happens!







Thunder and lightning promised first......hail second..........then...........?

i grew up in a home in the 60s. No central heating, but coal fires in living room. Ice inside windows. we wore jumpers and warm clothes. no problem



I think the forecasters had such a bad time when they failed to mention the hurricane some years ago,they like to err on the side of caution,too much some times.

Over the years I have heard so many dire warnings of all sorts of weather.

The only thing we can be certain of is that climate change is happening.

We will get wetter, and we will have more extremes of weather.

As Gardeners we will have to adapt to these changes.

Whatever happens I know we will find ways to cope.

This forum could become the most useful place to help us adapt to the changes which will come.

Windy old day here today. 

Sorry folks but I'm far from convinced of climate change. 5 years or so ago the experts said we will be having DRYER weather because of climate change....of course we were having dry weather at the time.  Now we will have wetter weather because of,climate change.  Experts are often narrow thinking, focused people intent on convincing others of their thinking.  Vested interests control what we should say and think.   To deny climate change is outrageous.  I remember my parents talking of us going into an ice age.  The experts then were saying that.  The experts talk of evolution and so many millions of years......deep down we know they don't know.  They GUESS.  How we all laugh when the experts are hoodwinked......remember the crop circle hoaxes and how angry the experts were when shown up to be very silly people

Now, autumn?  Yes it is a comin