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The old method of hanging up a bit of seaweed and looking out of the window works best. If its wet, its raining. If its flapping about its windy. If its dry, its sunny.

Its about as reliable as the met office anyway.


Mmmm, winter, shovelling snow off the car early in the morning, yuk! Don't mind snow, it belongs to winter, but should stay in the mountains, not down here!

We wont get much snow here Swiss sue.  Nice to look at tho.  

I think we know pretty much how the weather will be in the mornings.  


two pine cones outside the back door and put the cat out works for me cat back  in ,after 30 seconds  rain . pine cones open  dry 


I'm convinced of climate change Verdun. It's been changing for about 4 billion years (those who know can correct my numbers) so it won't stop now


No Brum.  Think summer has definitely gone 

Stacey Docherty

I have said it already on another thread but a friend of mine who is "alternative" ( polite phrase for hippy") says it's gonna be a v v bad winter.... The acorns and sweet chestnuts are falling in huge amounts yet there are few conkers an also a lot of fruit ie apples are still on the trees apparently. She's not normally wrong I have to say..... 


lots of berrys on my holly . sign of  a bad winter . grandad used to say and gas prices going up

Stacey Docherty

And omg they have gone up! I'm constantly in debt to them now and I don't do debt!

otnorot but just call me Bill

Climate change is here,at first I didnt believe it until I heard about our polar bears who would swim a few miles from shore to the ice packs to feed on seals.What is happening now is the bears are swinning to the ice packs but the ice packs have melted back many miles and the bears drown from exhaustion.


Don't want it to be too cold winter as I have so many plants to put into the garden and bulbs still

don't mind some cold but not really cold unill I have finished all that and keeping warm indoors

star gaze lily

Oh Stacey I do hope your friend is wrong this time

Woodgreen wonderboy

I confidently predict, based on my vast experience of the weather, even tho' I am only 27, periods of cold followed by warmer weather, followed by colder weather etc. etc. AND it will be wet at times and then dry at other times. When it is cloudy you won't be able to see the sun, sorry. Nights will also generally be much darker than daytime, except when it is really, really cloudy or the moon is shining.

p.s. Bill, if the polar bears are having a hard time why are their numbers increasing?


Its obvious that polar bears are getting a raw deal. The poor devils have had to start living in people's freezers now.






why is ther pics of polar bears on here not sure I inderstand

Corny, we have wandered off on a light hearted tangent I'm afraid after otnorot but just call me Bill mentioned the (serious) plight of the Polar Bears.


Normal service will resume eventually!

yea just read all this feel silly for asking