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dont mind if it snows if get day off work haha

Snow? Where? Don't let it snow I've not got the huskys trained and ready to get me to work yet!

Dampish but fairly mild. 

Look, just another 5 weeks and the shortest day will be's that for optimism? 


Spring's coming! 

 They'll soon be here 

otnorot but just call me Bill

Do you ever get freezing rain/ice storms in the old country?This is a tree two doors from my house,ice covered.


Woodgreen wonderboy

Bill, I think this would be classed as a freak event, particularly in the South , where I live. My Northern neighbours may comment differently, but I leave that to them.

If it did happen here I hate to think what destruction it might cause. I live in the New Forest, and if we lost our ancient trees it would be unthinkable.

Shhhh. Nobody noticed my deliberate will be 5 weeks to go .......soon 


Lovely thought Bill, I sooooo wish.

How's your son? Are you able to have a get together on 20th? ..think it's the 20th. I hope you can.

David Matthews2

Here in coastal West Wales our winters have a habit of being mild, windy and wet ('liquid sunshine' in copious quantities). But we do have to watch out if the wind comes from any part of 'the Far East' [ie the other side of Offa's Dyke].

*Being in town with relatively sheltered urban terraced housing all around certainly helps - that and sitting just 20 feet (vertical) and just 600 yards (horizontal) from tidal waters of Milford Haven seaway seals the deal!!

otnorot but just call me Bill

KEF his cancer Doctor is amazed,he told him he should be bed ridden by now.And what is he doing?He is chopping wood for his woodstove,he cut his grass and Christmas is very special to him (when he was 5 he spent 3 months in hospital including Christmas)so now he has his decorations up already.I;m going to his place tomorrow and will take photos of what he hase done t hen post them here.Thank you so much for asking.



Bill, wish him all the best and a very Merry Christmas from all of us 


Thanks for update Bill. Best wishes to him. Look forward to your photos.

star gaze lily

Bill very best wishes to you and your son. Take care both of you.

Look forward to seeing the pics.



Bill if this continues we have a thread "update on technical issues" started by Daniel. Post a message on there explaining what happens when you try. It will then be looked at.