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otnorot but just call me Bill

KEF I am not to good with computers and have no idea how to find that site.

Here's what I get when I try to post pictures.

Server Error in '/' Application. Runtime Error

Description: An exception occurred while processing your request. Additionally, another exception occurred while executing the custom error page for the first exception. The request has been terminated.

Woodgreen wonderboy

Had me fooled. Tell me, was that summer? You wouldn't want to go out in the winter.



Lovely cheery pictures Bill. Our first Christmas ones.

Happy Birthday to your son.

Woodgreen wonderboy

Where's my slice of Birthday cake?   I suppose air-mail takes longer.


Hi Bill.

Either Winters start to get colder earlier, or I've turned "soft". Today it's been 8C and sunny in S.Yorkshire. As soon as the sun dropped it's down to 2C at 4pm. Feeling cold so put heating on. Wearing socks, trackie bottoms, jumper and body warmer already.

How did we cope years ago?

Our first house 1981 had only a gas fire in the kitchen & lounge, no heating elsewhere. We did install a gas fire on the landing, so we used to get bathed, and run out onto landing to get dry & dressed.

In winter we had ice on the inside of windows and spent time laid on sofa wrapped up in a duvet watching the tele'.

I'm sure I felt less cold in those days. I know they say that the elderly get hypothermia because they aren't aware of how cold they actually are. So I guess I'm not too old yet

That was in jest, I feel so awful for people who are afraid to use their heating due to costs.

Keep warm all & I guess we should be thankful we aren't in Canada in deep snow for months.


KEF, you big softy! At my boarding school, we had to fill bowls with water the night before, break the ice on the water in the morning and have a strip wash! And then peel the ice off the toothbrush


artjak  Bet you can wrestle tigers


KEF, I could but it would be cruel


I've got a new greenhouse, so all geraniums are cut back and potted together in a tesco basket (handy items these) I've also dug up my dahlias and am storing them in a tesco basket too.

Winter is here!! I live in wisconsin and got our first snowfall of the year!! If you guys are looking to grow veggies in the winter I made a video about how i heat my greenhouse in the winter you can check it out here. Hope this helps.



Bill, looking at the sky in your pictures I think you will be getting more snow later today.

Stay well & warm.


I've been trying to wean the birds in the garden off my regular feeding ready for when we move house by only feeding them nuts and fat balls and letting them run out before they get replaced. I swear more thought has gone into what and how to feed them how to pack away any of my precious belongings!

otnorot but just call me Bill

First freezing rain in Ontario this morning except in Toronto,its to big and generates to much heat which stops the rain from freezing.School buses are canceled all over the province.


Hello Brumbull

cold here in Southampton and has been a sunny day but wet now