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There are plenty of dams already in the UK and also plenty of water but not necessarily close to th egreatest centres of population in the south east.

More thought needs to go into water supply and treatment and sewage and waste disposal when giving planning permission for new housing or industry.  All houses should be metered and have water butts or cisterns to collect rain water for gardens and toilets.  Water companies should be forced to make repairs to reduce water losses through leaks - up to 40% in some areas!

Flood plains should not be built on - it's asking for trouble - and areas like the Somerset levels should have their drainage channels and waterways regularly dredged to reduce flooding near homes and businesses.

None of this is rocket science.  Just common sense and good management.

obelixx wrote (see)

Flood plains should not be built on - it's asking for trouble


I agree completely, the local authorities have just passed plans to build further houses on flood plains in our village.  The drainage is hardly sufficient for the houses here already let alone 500 more and the flood water has to go somewhere.  For the past 3 years we have been flooded in.

Its raining again and its been relentless all day .

ITs certainly the wettest winter that I've known. But since its such a mild winter (2nd of Feb and no lasting ice!) maybe we'll be getting that early spring? I sure hope so!

Well for sheer damage, financial losses, distress,frustration and worry this is the worst winter.

Still not convinced its climate change.......sorry folks for me there is no proof of that.......but concede there are lots of extreme weather around the globe.  

the tidy gardener

anyone know of anywhere in the world that has seasons, calmer weather, warm summers and frosty snowy winters?

or do I have to go back to the 1970's or my rose coloured memories of it?!!



this is our first winter in England for 18 years. We used to go to Goa for 3 months Dec - end Feb. 33C and 12 hours of sun every day. I'm kinda missing it.


Apart from a small rain shower at midday it has been glorious here today. 12c on the thermometer.

Got many things done in the garden


Lots done here too from pruning clems and taking cuttings from some to pruning roses, cutting down old stems on perennials and transplanting shrubs and snowdrops - none of which I can usually do before late March or early April.  Temps throughout January and Feb have been between 25 and 30C warmer than in the last few years.  Today we got up to 12C.  Usually in Feb we're down to between -15C and -20C.


I guess I'm just a " hot house flower"

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