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star gaze lily

Morning Brumbull,  oh I do hope you're wrong. Last winter and the two previous ones were bad enough. We have had a lovely summer this year so perhaps we will. My lounge is at the back, and my garden backs on to fields then woods. At the moment the sun is shining,  the raindrops are dripping off the oak tree in my garden. It looks like its going to be another glorious day. So I suppose we will just have to make the most of the lovely days ahead and keep warm when the snow arrives

star gaze lily

My thoughts exactly we were spoilt with such a lovely summer, tho well deserved after the last few years. But I do love the summer days and today here in Sussex is glorious (still very early in the day I know) Cake Brumbull-----I love it sounds like we have something in common

Well Brum.....I forecast a brilliant summer on the forum last spring ....wasn't I cleva?  

Not sure about the forecast.  Very mild down here last winter......wet, wet wet though.  



How very uncharitable of you Brum wishing all that bad weather on us poor folk who have to stay here!

Snow's all very well if you don't have to go to work but for those of us who're only 27 or so... 

Cake??? Too early - even for me 



I predict a cold dry winter with plenty of sunshine. 


I vote for Nut to be in charge of weather 


By the way, the sun's coming out here 


I'll go for that Nut, cold n sunny gets my vote. Don't much care for Brumbull's snow in November. (yes Brum, you said it so you take ownership of it! It's all yours...)


That will be good for the fungi hunt Dove. Have your seen the willow woven fungi at Kew? I've only seen the photos but they are impressive. The sculptor is Tom Hare. 


Remind me to have a look online - got to dash now -byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


I totally agree that Nut should be in charge of the weather.

The thought of snow is making me cold. I've only just stopped singing Mandolin Wind. No I haven't I'm doing it again now. 


I don't see the point of fretting in advance.  We get what we get and can't do anything about it except prepare our gardens as well as we can - checking strutcures, pruning back long whippy rose stems, putting cloches or fleece on vulnerable plants and taking cuttings, plaving pots in shelter and so on.

We usually get a week of snow in November.  It doesn't do any harm as it isn't really cold yet.   Winter here lasts from November to March or even April depending on how deep is the cold and how frozen the ground.  Plants do much better when they have a winter blanket of snow than when we just get endless cold which dessicates and freezes twigs and branches and penetrates to the roots.

Worst of all is a warm week in late Feb or early March which gets the plants excited, pushes them in to growth and then wham, winter returns and freezes it all to death.  Lost loads of plants that way.




No Brum- the far east holds no appeal whatsoever for me! My neice lives in Thailand - I won't be visiting there either!

Are we booking our winter weather now? Can I put in an order for some mild pleasant dry days (with the odd shower) till the New Year, followed by some frosty days for all the early bulbs and then a nice warm spring with not too much rain...

Well I can dream can't I? 


NO-ONE can predict the weather so many months in advance. Just take each day as it comes.

Who could have predicted the Summer we just had? eh Verdun? 


Matt - they can't predict the weather more than 2 days ahead - we live on an island with mountains! I always laugh at the people at work who say on a Monday - oh it's to be sunny at the weekend...

Up here the weather can change umpteen times in a day. When I used to do a lot of hillwalking we'd look at the weather on a Wednesday to see what looked the best area to go to. Then we waited till the night before- Friday usually - hoping it would be relatively decent. It could have changed three or four times in those few days!

Brum - my wings wouldn't carry me that far anyway ...



I prefer mild, damp winters. Don't like the cold and when it's dry and sunny here in winter it can be very cold. When we moved to France in '85 it was dry and sunny and -25° - hated it, the heating oil froze.

Summer is usually hot and dry, need some rain to top up the water table.

hollie hock

Don't take any notice of the news, haven't watched it for years or read newspapers. If you believed everything they say we would never get out of bed! Seems to me that these day if it snows in Winter it's a headline! I just look out of the window

I don't like the cold at all so not too much of the white stuff for me please

I'll have the same order as Fairygirl please!! Wasnt too bad here in the Cowy valley last winter even though there was a fair amount of snow all around (hubby got snowed in at work in Llanberis & flooded in on another day!) But I do remember a very snowy winter in Kings Heath Brum a good few years back when the snow was deep & frozen into concrete on the pavements for days & days! My brother lives in NZ & I wish I was there with him as their summer is just beginning! 


Ice in November to bear a duck,

Nothing to follow but mud and muck.


That's what the 'old Suffolk boys' used to say 


Dove - what a fantastic saying - must remember that one.  Did they have a saying for snow in November?