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Hi, apologies for starting another thread regarding shoddy CS from an online retailer. I bought some "Coboea alba" seeds from "nuts 'n cones"

I sowed them together with 5 other pots of seeds, including one with "Coboea (blue variety) which ALL germinated,but not the one in question.

His response was a long lecture about his 50 yrs. experience and basicly telling me that I was an idiot in so many words.

Can someone PLEASE tell me how I can put his reply E-mail in Quote, on the forum so you can read it and tell me if I am over reacting.

All this over 10 seeds worth £2.00p!! So please beware.


Victoria Sponge

I don't know how to put it in quote but will it let you copy and paste it?

Or convert to a word doc and insert?


Ta VS I will try it........I am SO cross


Avoid angry confrontation. Explain your problems and make it out that you want help and advice. Stating that all the seeds germinated (good) but that you want advice on X. Applying angrily just puts others back up and helps no one. Stay on the moral high ground.


I was very polite Blairs, that is why I wish I could put copies of the Emails on here but have been unable to do so



Sorry to say I have a slightly different interpretation to you, Jatnikapyar - I don't think he was being rude and obnoxious but was actually giving you some advice on how to look after your seedlings (and has sent you replacements anyway).

His "50 years experience" comment is in the context that he is still learning even with 50 years experience, not "listen to me, I know best because I have 50 years experience".


You have not seen the full Email ImpHosta. By the way, how do you know that he "has sent you replacements anyway" I havent received them yet.

I am very grateful for your thoughts anyway.

i also thought it was mostly fair enough. ok, perhaps his complaint handling skills arent amazing, but ive experienced a LOT worse!


It is written in appalling English, but it doesn't strike me as very rude.  The seeds were £2.00; put it down to experience and be satisfied that you can avoid his site another time.

I'm sure you'll find another source for the seeds next year.  I have had non-germinating issues with big firms.  There are several I will never buy from again. 

jatnikapyar wrote (see)

You have not seen the full Email ImpHosta. By the way, how do you know that he "has sent you replacements anyway" I havent received them yet.

I can only go by what the supplier has stated in his email - that he has sent you replacement seeds. 

To echo Loganberry Hut's comments I have received a lot, lot worse from other suppliers but appreciate that you feel you haven't had good customer service in this instance - put it down to experience and buy elsewhere in the future I guess.


Seems more like a language thing than rude.. Trust me I have encountered a lot - lot worse.


It may be a 'guarded' response from the supplier, but by no means would I say it was rude. After all he has offered replacement seeds and asked for your feedback on trying them.

As many others have stated I have encountered far worse from other suppliers,often the larger companies have the biggest PR budget but have the worst customer focus!

Hiya jatnikapyar, 

I too feel there is a language issue here rather than him being rude.

Its funny, isnt it, how we can read things differently?

Let us know if he sends you replacement seeds.  I think we will.  If not I will agree with you about this supplier.

Best wishes jatnikapyar. 


I agree with you all, regarding it being a language issue. I thinki t is a cutural issue too. I grew up in a bussines family and the customer was always right, as he paid for our bread and butter.Amazons is the same too, and they haven't done badly. Besides, we were always reminded that being harsh and defensive with people was unproductive.

The less said the better. Stick to the problem in question.Lecturing is not appropiate in this incident.

I  have obviously led a VERY sheltered life and it is time to crawl out from under my coconut shell.

So, I have taken all your comments on board but still cannot get my head around the fact that he is charging for the product and I am not asking for charity. I am asking for what I paid for.

Obviously it is time to move on. So cheers


Hiya jatnikapyar ......I like your style  Well said 


Thank you Verdum, you are a gentleman

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