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Hi everyone, i was thinking of using grow lights in my greenhouse during winter. What's your opinion on grow lights in general?
I think they're far to expensive to buy and run for anything other than a commercial grower - also if you've got plants growing at the rate that needs that sort of light, then surely they'll need heat too? Sounds to me to be unsound environmentally and pocket-wise.
Oh ok... I'm new at this so i guess i got carried away when i saw adverts of grow lights on Amazon
So they're not feasible, eh Dove?

Expensive. I think they get used a lot by people growing certain crops in the attic.

Lol Fidget really?
I guess the 'attic farmers' can afford the expense


They're not THAT expensive unless you're talking about LED lights. That said, it does depend on how big your greenhouse is. If you need a lot of lights, your power consumption will increase dramatically, but the heat from the lights will heat up your greenhouse, so you'll save some money there.


What is it you need to grow through winter? If you're hoping for a self sufficient garden and never visiting the supermarket again you'd be better off growing seasonal appropriate fruit and vegetables.

loony gardner says:
Lol Fidget really?
I guess the 'attic farmers' can afford the expense See original post

 I confess I thought the same as Fidget when I saw this post. Attic gardeners however have dubious methods for going around the electricity meter to help keep profits high. Not quite growing your own fresh salad is it!

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