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Monty features Nigel  in his progs.  I have a 9 year old golden lab ....spike....who plods around here owning everything but respecting paths, etc and knows where he can and can't go.  Your pets?  Garden respecter or ruffian?  

Mine is called spike after the tv cartoon prog, that I suddenly have forgotten.  Whats your dog or cat or rabbit or whatelse called and is it a part of your gardenIng duties?


Family of pet slugs "living on borrowed time.".

No pets verdun. G.pigs arriving soon next door, little girl says I can go and play with them.


..I like labradors very much... I have a greyhound, male, and thinks of nothing but food and sex... he's not neutured I'm afraid... so gives us a difficult time when females in the neighbourhood are on heat... which is frequently around here...

during such times he is liable to bite off a stem of a treasured plant, I just saved a Hosta flower the other day from his jaws....   he also likes to dig pits where he knows I've been digging...and he knows exactly where I've been even if he was asleep at the time...

otherwise he's lovely company and we wouldn't be without him... he was a good racer too but of no value for stud purposes... but it's a real thrill to see him gallop at full speed which we are able to do occasionally, off the lead in a secure area... there's nothing like it, they're the fastest dogs on earth...


No pets here (OH get's wheezy if there's fur or feathers in the house, although we both love dogs).  However, we have nightly visits from the neighbourhood hedgehogs and some overwintered in the little houses we have here.  We also have lots of birds come to the garden and bluetits nesting here.  

We do have visitations from one of next door's cats Pippin - he's a lovely cat but we try not to encourage him into the back garden - but we make a fuss of him if we see him at the front.


Salino- your dog- just like men then?

KEF- slugs...snails for me! You'll get a good supply of poo for the compost if you keep in with the neighbour then 

No pets now Verd- used to have cats and the girls had an assortment of small 'rodents'. Hamsters and little mice were nice, and we had a chinchilla which got out and chewed the phone cables etc . He went.... Didn't care for the guinea pigs much. They lived in a hutch  in their playhouse and I made a mesh screen door so that the proper door could be open in the hot weather and GPs would be safe. See - I just enjoy the projects really!



..yeah, definitely like men.... although their priorities are the other way round I think...


KEF, tell little girl next door she can put all her guinea pig poo on your compost heap - it is absolutely the best activator there is - some big guinea pig breeders sell it!!! 

Salino i held a professional greyhound trainers license for 20 years raced dogs all over the UK make great pets sold my last 2 pups on Tuesday at a sale in Ireland. Gave up training because of ill health but loved working with the dogs father had them before me so been around greyhounds since a young boy but boy can they dig up the ground used to barrow loads of soil into there paddocks to fill in the holes they dug.


We did have a golden retriever called Ollie for 12 years,he was respectful of the garden,and enjoyed nothing more in his later years than stretching out in the sun on the warm patio slabs.

His worst bad deed was when he was just a puppy,and he pulled the low voltage lights out of the pond by the wire and chewed them all.He looked so guilty we forgave him,(really pleased he had,nt hurt himself),we never put lights back after that.

His ashes are now in a pot ,in one of his favourite spots in the garden,planted with a dog wood.

Happy memories.


I don't have pets - I already have 2 children and a full-time job so I decided many years ago I would not have another hassle.  When I retire I'm having a dog (either a Staffordshire or an English Bull Terrier, haven't decided yet!) but woe betide if it digs up the garden or eats the plants.....


Andy... what a coincidence!... that must have been a great life for you, all those years, you must have had some good dogs in your time I'm sure....

if you're interested, and I hope you will be, here is a you tube link to one of the races our boy won.. he was running around Yarmouth mostly and was a marathon runner - 800 or 900 metres plus was his best trip...

he's actually quite a famous dog as, you might recall, there was a triple dead heat in a race at Romford a couple of years ago - he was one of the 3, and the bookmaker Coral put up a £2000 race a week later for these 3 to meet again, this time he won that race.... we didn't own him outright then,-  syndicate dog...

here he is winning a small race at Yarmouth, trap 2 - Droopys Djokovic.... [Droopys - the stud in Ireland where he was bred and Djokovic after the tennis player],

 he's last most of the way - trip too short really... I hope you like it... we call him 'Djoki' now... the race starts about 1 min 20 sec in...




..race at Sittingbourne I should say....


Wow Salino, that was exciting, never seen a dog race before, you must be very proud of him.

We have 2 cats, both of which spend most of their time in the garden and prefer the most comfortable places, e.g. garden loungers. They have a special corner of the garden as a cat litter, but have been caught in the neighbour's garden occasionally. Neighbour has installed a sonar cat repellent, but on the whole is very tolerant and will even feed them when we are away.

Butter wouldn't melt in their mouths!


Pottie Pam

This is my dog Khan guarding the chicks. Sadly he's feeling his age now. He's 11 which is quite old for a big dog. My best friend.


My lovely cat called Tiny is 18 now. I had her when I was 8.

She follows me everywhere and will come watch when I am pottering around the garden

Although she still likes to go toilet in the flower bed closest to the house, she doesnt make much of a mess or dig over any plants so its easy to clean up


Pottie Pam wrote (see)

This is my dog Khan guarding the chicks. Sadly he's feeling his age now. He's 11 which is quite old for a big dog. My best friend.

Ah, isn't he lovely, my favourite breed, used to have one many moons ago. Would have another but am too old to keep up with a dog that needs to be kept busy.


Khan is lovely, and so good with the chickens


We have 2 guinee pigs - Timba and Benji ( and yes the poo is great in the compost )

8 Chickens - Herriet, Poppy, Dorothy, Mabel, all three yrs old and Fudge, skittles, sherbet, and Rolo all new this summer

One dog - Jilly a golden lab, 5 yrs this summer, we have had her for 3, from WoodGreen, she had been very badly treated and is still very shy and will only eat food I cook for her ( sensative tummy ) we still have to make a show of giving her the food even though its in her own bowl, she wouldn't eat otherwise you can leave anything on the floor even a biscuit and she wouldn't touch it.  Shes a pain with the chickens though we can only let them out if she is in the house .

We use to have a cat - Boffin, he lived to 22 !!, sadly we lost him 4 yrs ago.



So good to hear of people recuing ill treated animals.  Until recent years I always had cats, but that is not possible here at present.  Never found a difficulty with gardening and felines, the Siamese used to love to help.


I've got an ancient red setter/ collie x who's now nearly 17. I got her from the RSPCA when she was 21/2, and she soon learned that she wasn't to go on the flowerbeds! But she loves eating couch grass, so would lean over as far as she could to get it. Either she's too old now, or my weeding's got better. We used to go for long moorland rambles, but she loves her daily potter downtown, sniffing at everything, and wandering into the local ironmongers where they make a huge fuss of her and give her a gravy bone.


Our cat is 20 now and rarely even looks out the window, let alone ventures outside, but we have almost-daily visits from 'Jack' - a battered, feral Tom cat who now has a sense of such entitlement that he loudly tells us off if his dinner isn't waiting for him on the veranda when he comes calling.  We also, as a result of feeding 'Jack', get regular visits from a particularly chubby neighbour's cat who also now tells us off if we don't feed him when he comes calling.

We also have a fox den under the potting shed and the vixen who lives there has litters of 4 or 5 each year. By late autumn we have 5 or 6 fully grown foxes to feed (I've found that feeding the m prevents the destruction they cause if they are hungry) but the vixen drives the 'teenagers' off before spring and then we start again.

And, as if our animal feeding bill wasn't enough, I've given up trying to de-squirrel the bird table and have 'adopted' the clever pair who managed to defy every deterrant and now simply have added a squirrel feeding station that is replenished with nuts daily