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come Sunday and we will all be basking in summer temperatures  

enjoy it folks 


That'll only happen in my house Verd...when the heating's on...


Just drove up the A11 into the city - the verges are full of yellow and purple crocuses - there was no sign of them just two days ago - I remember looking for them. 

Hazel -1

We have had 15  degrees here today with sun shining too. It has been lovely and warm and a real forerunner of spring!

Our crocuses have come out today Dove, a lovely sight and very welcome.,Primroses too are open.

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First primrose flowers in  my garden today.



My snowdrops are out.

  and  few hellebores and not much else. The grass is long. If it stays dry, it may get mown.


that's a bit rash fidget.  I've still got half a load of muck sitting on the grass out the front. Must get that shifted before mowing time.

At times today it felt more like summer let alone spring.  Smile time indeed Tetley 


Only going to be 13 here tomorrow 


Sort of sunny here. What are you doing with a load of muck, Nut?

Are you going to start a veg patch? When someone else has dug over SIL's veg patch in Wales, I am planting it with Sarpo potatoes. It rains a lot there (near Snowden) , so I figure blight resistant varieties is the way to go. She is only going to be there intermittantly this year, until BIL retires next year and they move there permanently.  I'm hoping that next year the ground is clear and she can have other types of veg that need a bit more looking after.


Not sunny, but warm in the garden today.  Lots of spring plants showing, beautiful purple crocus, hellebores, primroses in bud,  the first daffs, winter honeysuckle had quite a few visiting bees feeding on the flowers and the first camelia flower is open.  Had a real spring in my step.  Not much spring when I had finished weeding, tidying and hoeing in FBB. More of a stagger.  Good to see you back Verdun.


Went exploring today and had lunch on a terrace in the sunshine, jackets off.    Lovely.

Not sure we will get 17 degrees here today.   Feels warm but another misty cloudy day I think;  doubt whether we wil see the sun either.  good for our plants though, esp recently planted 

(looks like the ad problem has been sorted)


The media over exaggerating the weather, well I never   Very mild but also cloudy here in the SE, highs of 13/14c

I still have the faith Mark.   we will get 17 degrees, we will get 17 degrees, we WILL get 17 degrees 



I suppose it's possible if the cloud breaks! But there's more chance of that your end than mine 

Fidgetbones - re blight. Depends exactly where your SIL lives, of course, but it's pretty windy here too. And I read recently that Crug Farm (you know, the plants place ) is in a rain shadow.

16 degrees here at present (Gloucestershire) but a pretty claggy day. Grey and overcast, with the sun making very rare appearances.  It is nice to get into the garden without freezing my wotsits off.


Speaking of which Verdun, it did in fact hit 17c here in East Berkshire, 18c in central London earlier too. The cloud broke at 10am-2pm and it was delicious  I'm pretty sure that's a record breaker!

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Hey Mark, if its not too presumptious, a thread about hedgehogs would be good.  If I remember correctly you and Tetley are the experts 

I have one or two visiting here but I have no inowledge of these lovely creatures.  

Is now the time when they emerge from hibernation?  And the time to put out food?  I would like to actually see them more regularly