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hollie hock

I'm looking for some suggestions for flowers that were popular in the 60s and 70s. I have had freesias and carnations suggested. Not to worried about the colour at this stage, but anything that goes with emerald green would be a bonus.  Any other thoughts?


I worked as a florist, for 60's style bridal bouquets we used a lot of things like ranunculus, lily of the valley, gyp, peoni's, small headed and spray roses and chrysanthemums.     Freesia and carnations were also popular (and available) back in the 60's/70's.  

emerald green is a good colour, as most things will go well with it.     If its for a bridal bouquet, teardrop shape was very popular back then 


I got married in 1970 - I really really wanted a bouquet like the one I'd seen in a bridal magazine, simple, elegant, stylish

 No one else liked it and I ended up with freesias ......


I'm too young to remember the 60s 


The Moody Blues, Yardbirds, Bob Dylan ............ I remember them


My Mum got married in the 60's and had peach gladioli

My parents married in the 40s, but I'm the youngest of 6


Princess Margaret's wedding bouquet (1960) was white orchids and stephanotis.

Princess Alexandra's (1963) carried freesias, narcissi, stephanotis and lilies of the valley. 


This is a pic of my mum's in 1963. You can see carnations, fern, arum lillies and those horseshoe things. I'm guessing the flowers were all white.



Red is the complimentary colour for green so something in the peach to pink colour range would fit nicely with the whole 60s/70s vibe. Green and orange were quite commonly seen together. Purple also goes well with green and also fits with the colour schemes of the period. White would be very cool and classy but not at all typical of that era. My bouquet was a ball of carnations and rosebuds carried on a wasn't all big white frocks and cascades of blooms in the hippy/post hippy era.

All the rage in our time and at our wedding in 1959 was red roses wth a very fine asparagus type fern. These were all wired into a water fall design , the length was just past my knees.
hollie hock

Thank you all so much for your suggestions and thoughts You've given me loads of ideas and lots to research.

I hadn't thought about using a lot of colour but I like that idea and the tear drop shape. I'll have to look up all your suggestions to remind myself what they looked like. Just googled stephanotis as never heard of it, beautiful.

Thanks for sharing you mums picture Gardenmaiden.

Are there any obvious ones that will be a no no mid June?

This will be 2nd time around for me, older and wiser this time



No probs Hollie. 53 years married, 58 years together. Makes my 22 together, 15 married look tiny.

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