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Stacey Docherty

A sweltering 32 here today and everything is wilting in the garden. So after a good water I will be sat watching the sun go down possibly with a little pimms!!!...... So what's everyone else doing to keep cool?

Making jam. Hot outside, hot inside, what's a little more?

Stacey Docherty

Oooo what type of jam waterbutts? I did strawberry last week it's yummy. Moved my rhubarb earlier in the year and its gone beeeeserk so am gonna do maybe rhubarb and ginger!!

Blackcurrant, gooseberry and I'm thinking of trying to find a recipe for tomato jam that my gran used to make. My first year of trying to grow them and I seem to have hit the jackpot. 25 kilos and counting.

Strawberry jam is my absolute favourite. Has yours set well? I never seem to get the stuff to be more than runny. But it still tastes delicious. The Pimms  sounds goooooood!


More like 23 here. Just west Cornwall I think.  Just brought in load blueberries and taken agastache cuttings

The potty gardener

I just lay out on a lounger enjoying the sunshine. Then a nice coolish bath. Have been out and watered everything. It's nice and cool in living room this evening. Having said that I love the sound of homemade jam

Stacey Docherty

My strawberry jam did set very well I always add 1 spoon of liquid pectin.... I have the river cottage jam book and its ace.... My blueberries are spectacular this year may add them to some hedgerow jam!!!! I'm also going to do crab apple and chilli this year as I have a mega bumper crop of chillis!!!!! Tomato jam sounds amazing I have grown Black Russian tomatoes this year I thought they were going to be cherries but they are more like beefsteak!!! Yumm can't wait

Highland Jeannie

I made strawberry & rhubarb a couple of weeks ago & was surprised how good it was. (Sound of own trumpet being blown!!) I prefer it to the strawb on its own which I also did, as it's not too sweet.

Having been away for a week, & there was a lot of rain, the rhubarb is huge again so might risk trying another batch.

made 2 home made strawberry cheesecakes today then did a lot of watering after sorting out my rabbit hutches flowers on everything

The Potty Gardener is not so potty - the way you used your day sounds perfect!  Trying to work in the garden in temps. of around 30 degrees is bonkers - especially for an old bat like me.

MY OH said I should sit and enjoy the garden but the more you plant the more work there is my best times are early morning when I see new growth each day and in the evening when our frog sneaks out to munch on snails and once I start a bit of weeding I can lose hours at a time

Stacey Docherty

Girlyfox I know what you mean I went out yesterday night for a potter and ended up out for 3 hours lol didn't even realise it got dark till the solar lights came on lmao!!!!!

Today I was office bound so kept cool with fans, this evening garden pots were watered.

I've alot of sunflowers beginning to flower, ranging in height from dwarf to 5 or 6 ft tall, with colours which are vibrant yellow to burnt orange, some are multi headed. This evening, I sat, taking in the last of the suns rays, admiring them and the under planted flowers, which more by accident than design have flowered in oranges, yellows and whites, thinking, should I pick them to bring indoors or let the bee's have a feast...decided....the bee's are having a feast at present... I might pick some tomorrow... 

I've been getting home from work and gardening till it goes dark. Wonderful!

I made blackcurrant jam at the weekend. At the moment 2 plants growing that are really attracting bees - Allium sphaerocephalon, and butterflies  - Marjoram.

To keep cool, wear something wet - I wet my hat a lot when I'm gardening in hot weather.  

A friend of mine, who lives in a hot country, keeps her clothes overnight in the fridge in one of those plastic bags you get for packing in a suitcase. She also takes clothes out the washing machine and puts them straight on 



I spray my feet with the hose and then put it on mist and walk through it. I love being warm and wet, must be 'cos I'm a Pisces, or just daft. When the kiddies next door were willing I used to play splashball with them, but they tended to cry when they got soaked. They still occasionally water canon me from over the fence.

Stacey Docherty

Lol KEF that sounds great!!! My LO is 2.5 and for the first time enjoyed running through the sprinkler for the 1st time yesterday!!! It was hysterical but I lose a lupin in her excitement!!!! Oh we'llwe'll


i had some tomatoes ripening on the kitchen windowsill. they have a 'cooked' taste to them now


A few days like that and I could go into the sun dried tomato business