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You know, this book is really taking shape.
I'd totally read it.
Just needs a catchy title, how about... Forum fortes? Hmmm. Surely someone can do better?
Bunny ...
I think we will need a 'party' chapter
Caz W

Growing fruit for making wine and cider

Bunny ...

Then we will need a growing veg section for cooking
Hows about a chapter on mood lighting for evenings al fresco?



Creepy Crawlies - good and bad 


Trying to make an English garden in France.

Gardening Grandma

That sounds ineresting, Busy. Can you get the plants? What are the garden centres like?


Caz w; yes my pear wine from 2011 is almost finished, the damson won't be ready yet. No wine from 2012; no b....y fruit!

My chapter like Lyn's (?) would be on compost. Far too much goes into landfill - I wish every block of flats had compost bins. I don't mean 'kitchen waste', chicken bones etc, but outer leaves of cabbages... Oh don't get me started!.....


You can get plants, but not often the named varieties, and perennials usually come in small pots, very young, for about £1.50. They shut for lunch, irritating! English ones are better. French GCs tend to be more expensive generally. I buy plants when I go to England.


Busy-Lizzie, How annoying that the GCs shut for lunch; there used to be a restaurant in Weybridge that shut for lunch It was run by marvellous elderly women who wore massive cameo brooches and served things like pilchards on toast!

Gardening Grandma

France is more expensive generally, it seems to me! My bro in law has a holiday place in France with a neglected garden and I've often wished I could lay my hands on it.

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