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Daughter dropped off Max last night in dog terms in his nineties, she is away for two days. He came in tail whirling like a propeller dropped his big head on my knee for his hug and then went round the house inspecting it, the garden came next. Daughter said he has come alive, he had flopped about all day. Under the Vet for many things but I would say a couple of years in him yet.

He has memory of living with us weeks on end while the family were away, never wanted to go home and seemingly he never forgot. He is sitting in the sunshine on the Conservatory step a nice change from the constant downpour we got all day yesterday apart from the last hour to sunset.

One bonus, he never forgot his job of keeping the cats away and when the killer cat climbed the fence he was seen off pronto, each to his own, cats and I do not mix.



Frank/Dad - I can just picture the two of you. Enjoy your 'boys' time together  

Fairygirl Daughter, there will be three of us shortly, Sonny from next door is staying for a few hours while they go out. He is a Jack Russell Corgi cross two years old and full of life unlike Max and I. He gets on my knee and nods off, Max will not like that, I may need some Thanet wire and sandbags as I cannot see them playing football in no mans land together.

There is a free range chicken in the oven cooking so I will feed them both into sedation, me too, Picture all three flat out in the conservatory after a hearty lunch, Gardening is on hold until tomorrow, unlike you busy people I have all the time in the world.



Max sounds like my kind of dog.  An old hand and subtle in the ways he gives affection in recognising where he likes to spend his holidays and chill out!  Lovely story.   There is nothing so calming and quietly perfect than to have a happy aged animal around who is at home in their surroundings.  What brilliant companionship.


You'll have  a lovely day  

That's reminded me to get a chicken for eldest daughter to do this week. She's a dab hand now - even at the roast potatoes 



Oh Lord Palaisglide : free range chicken in the oven and post-feed flat out in the conservatory afterwards.  I'm envious.  I bet we all are.

David, no need to be shy, when we landed in the base camp after crossing the Sinai from guess where? we were a mixed bag of 42 Commando 6th Para 4th RTR and odds and ends, nothing to do but drink Stella and listen to an old wind up gramophone. A Para asked a Commando to dance !!!! what started well ended in the fight of the century, well it did clear the air, the room and surrounding area but filled the MI room, We all drank happily from then on, a hug does no harm.



A lot of hugs is what they all should have David eh? We all owe them such a great debt. 

We should never forget. 

T'auld Lad had his walk along memory lane but only slowly and less than a quarter of what we once did. His tail was going as he sniffed the bushes and now and then a little spurt of speed to a slow walk something he remembered. A slight bank back taxed him and the step into the bungalow but the smile on his face was enough. Breakfast and he looked at it then me "what is this then" it is what you always have, "yuck maybe at home but not here" so out came the chicken, there is enough left for Daughter a sandwich when she comes for him. "That's better" and it vanished, after all the age we are the odd treat is not what kills you, boredom will.

He is in the conservatory looking out into a sunny garden whilst I am thinking "no point in getting the hoover out until he has gone". Our chill out yesterday was interrupted several times, there would be a ping then a message from Cyprus on the I-pad, message from California not good news, message from Grandchildren on I-phone is Max OK, who the h@@@ thought it a good idea to connect all those things, I shut the laptop down in the end.

So Max will go home reluctantly at lunch time, I get my house back, he carries more kit than I did in the army and it will be too quiet, better turn the laptop back on for the constant messages, my family never stop talking, is that good or bad.



Oh bless Frank I think we all get the idea you'll be sorry to hear him go. There's something about having a dog in the house that gives it an extra sparkle.

As for dogs travelling light - I'm convinced my grandparents dog travels with more equipment than babies the poor dog has his own suitcase for a weekend away!


Any chance of a photo? Sounds just wonderful. Perhaps a trip to the RSPCA to give a homeless doggy a taste of your fab home? Sounds like you would be a pretty special owner and it'd be one very lucky and grateful woof woof!

Tootles, there is a place five miles from me and I have sat outside at least three times and driven on, Knowing you would walk away with them all big and small is not a way to choose. Had dogs most of my life, baby sit for two Daughters both old dogs and the young lad next door, that could be on a regular basis as the girl next door has been offered work.

Thing is I get around laptops and other magic machines Ok but never managed the photo bit guess age has something to do with it. Max left with the pickings of the chicken for his tea and a grin on his face.


Frank, I've never managed a photo yet either! What's my excuse?! Have a good time with your pal

Nice story about the dog Frank.  Sounds a little like mine......long, "dangerous" tail and getting on a bit.  Mine will be 11 in September and he is loved to bits.....and he knows it.  He lazily walks around the garden like he owns it amd settles in the sunniest or coolest spots on the lawn.  Never runs off, never messes,  never veers onto cultivated areas and is just one special fella 

You hit the nail on the head Verdun, an exact description though he is thirteen now and needs pills and potions, well so do I  he gets the sympathy vote off me. He grew up with many visits to us and the garden, loved the long walks through woods over fields along streams of which we have many made many friends including my Westy most now gone including Benji. Taking on another dog needs you to be very fit when they are young so an older dog would be the one, at the moment hands are full dog sitting mainly next door. She has him daft I have him under control and it drives her nuts, "why does he not do that for me" that one low growl of command dogs understand. Experience, we were brought up to know they were animals and not a substitute for a baby.

David, you are getting me worried, you did mention my favourite Poets and in the right order too. Music is sensory poetry and dancing the interpretation of that sensory poetry or so I was told by many good dancers who took a whip of a lad on the floor and introduced him to a life time of enjoyment, "err" apart from the dancing on tables bit when well stocked up on Stella. I would say they could probably dance!



Orchid Lady

I love reading your posts Frank.  I grew up with dogs, we were never without one but my OH didn't, he had never had one and made every excuse not to have one......couldn't see the point.  So, I waited 15 years and didn't 'nag', just waited for my moment......working from home more, bigger house, bigger garden, no little children to look after = no excuses  So we rescued Ollie from Beagle Welfare.  From the moment he arrived at our house my OH was smitten, he is such a daddy's boy it is unbelievable, in fact I strongly suspect he is curled up on the new leather sofa that he isn't allowed on as I write, seen as I am away. A year or so after we rescued Daisy, she is my baby girl and so soft, I can't believe we are her 4th home and that 3 family's before us didn't want her. Now my OH can't understand why we never had a dog sooner.

Frank, just a thought, there are older dogs that need rehoming for one reason and another that don't need the exercise of a younger dog but still make good companions....just a thought 

William Blake - songs of innocence and songs of experience, I love them  Studied them for A level (or was it GCSE??) it seems so long ago now but I still have my book with all my notes written in. 

Hi Frank - Orchid Lady beat me to it, in that I wondered whether you'd consider contacting one of the breed rescue societies.  I bet there's one for Westies, and they'd probably be only too pleased to hear from someone who'd be happy to re-home an older dog.

I can't imagine life without dogs - since the age of 5 I've never been without one (or two) apart from a brief time when we were living in the Fasr East, and even then we had a cat.  It "belonged" to the house we rented then, so although we didn't have to find it a new home when we left - the next tenants would have taken it on -  the Amah we had then wouldn't hear of that, so she took it home with her instead, as she & the cat had become really attached to each other.

My two are doing their best to help rid the garden of rabbits these days.  Not a total success of course, since the rabbits are in the garden 24/7 and the dogs aren't!  Have had to deal with two dead baby bunnies (trophies?) these past two days.  Not too bad if I find them outside, but not so good when they've brought them indoors.....  luckily they just seem to despatch them and then "show off" a bit - at least it's not too much of a mess to clear up because they don't fight over the corpses, so no gory bits to deal with, just some fluff.


Hello Charley and Orchid Lady, I had thought of seeing about the older dog then next door mentioned she could be back in full time work, I looked after Sonny when she was working and would do so again the best of both worlds, a companion during the day and then he goes home.

That was what I tried to tell Julie, dogs are animals with animal instincts, they chase rabbits and cats, protect their owners with barks and growls and will snap if they feel unsure, she thinks it her baby totally besotted and upset when I say sit and he does. They need to know their place in the pack and he has no doubt about this pack, he sits. It is usually not the dogs who need training it is the owners, we were brought up with animals and it comes naturally, this is Julie's first dog, I am sure she would dress it up if she could, he is confidant and relaxed with me, slobbers all over her so I have a good idea where she comes in the pecking order.

Nice to hear from you Charlie, Frank.