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21/08/2013 at 17:40


It's been really hot here in dept 23 limousin france and more as a need than anything else ive been strimming the bank outside our place,

Now as ive said before i live in a small very old fashioned hamlet, 6 properties in all and besides us we have one other english person who comes over from the uk 3 or 4 times a year to visit their holiday cottage, So you'd think it would be very quiet but its taken me all day to strim a bank approx 60 feet long and 5 feet wide

The reason being first the post lady called and she had a chat for a while,

I continued to strimm, then it was around 12 noon and tractor number 1 came past and the farmer from down the track had a chat "he was on his way home for dinner (the french have a 2 hour dinner break) just as he was about to go tractor number 2 called and all three of us "plus two sheep dogs" all had a chat,

Then the bread lady in her van also got out to have yet another chat, and then they all drove off home,

I went inside for a cuppa and i said to the wife "this place is getting like the M25 with all this bloomin traffic 4 vehicles in 2 hours,

SHe burst out laughing and said "why dont you complain about the traffic to the miarie's dept.

Some times you do forget where you came from and the way of life that once was normal.

21/08/2013 at 18:45

what a plesant day you've had Don I wish people would stop and talk more In my home town it would take the best part of the day to walk down to the shops and back 

and the shops where only 800 yards away........I miss the good old days of people stopping you in the street just for a chat asking if mum dad where ok and this and that 



21/08/2013 at 18:55

Thats how it should be  

I am lucky. I live in a small market town and walk a lot. Takes me all morning to do my shopping because of the chats and invariably I come back via someones house for a coffee. Brought up in the countryside, used to play in the road as kids as so few vehicles around.

21/08/2013 at 19:51

Addict same here I miss it. 

Market town's are great.  

21/08/2013 at 21:47


well i must admit its nice to just be friendly,

I wasn't brought up in the countryside infact i'd not really seen much of the country as a lad because things we're so different in those days,

We lived in a street and like Addict we didnt have a lot of cars in our street because people just didnt have them,

our neighbour who lived opposit us (my mums best friend & they had 7 kids in a two up two down house "good catholics")

Well her husband drove a coal wagon for the co-op coal and on a saturday he'd take his mrs to the shops in the coal wagon and my mum would say "ooh just look at aggi she's really got it made,

Aggi would sit in this coal wagan and wave to my mum like she was the queen mother or something.

But everyone was friendly, everyone had little or nothing material wise

But there again i'd never heard of anyone being knifed, or any cases of old people being mugged.

The worlds spun round a few times since my childhood days and we've landed in outer space and we've now got the www; system "yet" we cant stop fighting in the name of religion,

I feel we're pulling the earth apart and animal life will get to the stage that young kids wont see the likes of tigers etc.

This is why im glad i now live here and the fact that its like taking a few steps backwards because people do try to talk and you can have hanging baskets without fear of them being taken,

We have a little pbit of land between two lanes, On this little bit of grass every year is a wheel barrow full of flowering plants "geraniums etc"

It just sits there looking nice, no one ever takes it or tips it upside down etc,

Its put there by a local and enjoyed by all .

Lets keep this forum like the old days and just enjoy talking.

21/08/2013 at 21:59

I agree don 

we have a small village near us and every year all the villagers clear and plant things in their village green it's so nice to see if your their at the right time.



21/08/2013 at 22:52

I live in France too. Recently we had a big hail storm and the man at the Mairie rang to ask if my roof was OK and did I need any help. Luckily the house is fine, but some houses around here have had badly damaged rooves. When we had a hurricane the local farmers came and cleared my 1km long drive of fallen trees in a couple of days. If there is a power cut someone rings or calls round to see if I'm all right. I live in a clearing in the forest 4kms by road to the village, but they don't forget me. When there is an event in the village I get sent an email.

22/08/2013 at 06:30

Hi Bust-Lizzie,

I didnt know you lived here,

Its nice to know your experiencing the same sort of local folk as we do,

We try to give back as much as we can and dont take for granted the way we've been welcomed here over the years,

The neighbour over the track from us had breathing problems last year and went into hospital for two weeks,

He was told to take it easy, now we have a huge cherry tree in the lane and he always picks the cherries using our ladder, he shares the cherries with everyone,

This year i was a bit worried ref loaning the ladder to him and asked his wife if i should or shouldn't,

She replied "he's picked that tree for years and before you came he'd take even longer poking the cherries down with sticks like he did when we we're children on the way to school,

So no doctors advise will stop him, you'd be doing me  a favour by letting him use your ladder,

And as every good cherry picking summer " we got our share and he always leaves some on the tree for the birds".

No crime as such here "no one has time to commit any to busy looking after each other.

22/08/2013 at 08:07

Hello again Smokin Donkey, you did know I live in France, I've said so several times. Do you remember this?-


"Smokin Donkey, your story starts a bit like mine. My husband worked really long hours in London. We lived in the country, long commute as well. He had always wanted to move to France one day, but he started getting chest pains so we sold up and came to north Dordogne in1985. The children were still small. He bought a business here, but there was far less hassle and we lived on less. Chest pains went and he was happy. But in 98 he died of a heart attack. But I think living here made him happy and kept him alive longer.

My old farmhouse has no near neighbours and was empty for 6 years. Surrounded by woodland and fields with wild flowers. I made a garden and it's full of birds and wildlife"

You gave me a nice encouraging answer.

22/08/2013 at 13:57

Hi Busy-Lizzie,

You've hit a very good point and for those who are reading this and thinking of coming to live in france or any country really one thing you as a couple should really talk about before you do anything and its this,

Question, Would the remaining patrner want to stay where ever you live ie france in this case,

If they we're left alone ?

The grass can be greener on the otherside and for myself and "her locked in the cubourd" it really honestly is the place for us,

I will see my days out here should my wife get woodworm and go before i do

And she has said she'd stay here if i go first,

But we've met two couples who have been in the situation when one partner died and they couldnt cope being alone here "big house big garden or not).

So like Lizzie has said she was faced with this situation and i feel its one that should be talked about before any move.

All this talk about being alone!! Lets have a joke to lighten the day,

Did you hear about the Irish man who didnt know the difference between "Stork margerine and Putty??????????????????

"All his window's fell out" bum bum

(my family are all irish before you start telling me the irish are not thick)

22/08/2013 at 21:21

I was lucky as about 12 years after he died I met a nice English man living in France whose wife had died some years before. So now we are both in France, so are my 4 children and 6 grandchildren. But I also love England and I still miss it. But I was lucky and lived in the country in England, also in an old farmhouse with a garden.

22/08/2013 at 22:27

Thats a nice ending and im pleased your ok,

I dont honestly miss the uk and thats the truth, Here we do get a summer and we do have a chance with the bills, ie rates a lot cheaper, no road tax, and if you burn wood as part of your heating at least you can buy it "now" at todays prices for future use

you can't do that with the gas bourd or electric bourd in the uk.

Even my car insurance is cheaper here because im not insured via post codes.

We've not used any heating for months and again this is a saving and helps in the house hold budget.

As ive said before we dont have any crime except the drink drivers and litter just isn't there even after the weekly open market.

Its a nice place to live if you like the quiet life "so anyone thinking of coming here to retire all i can say is it's worked for us and a few other people.

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