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I'm ready for Tea TOPBIRD and Hogweed. How about some salmon sandwiches (don't forget the dash of vinegar. Brown or White bread.  

And if its a very, very special occassion we can have blackforest gateaux

That's very posh bekkie. So, to go with that shall we have a bottle of Asti Spumanti.

A great man about town friend of mine admitted that in his childhood a favourite pudding in his house was a Tunnocks marshmallow jobbie with thick Bird's custard poured over!  Can I bring that?


Yey Hesta - absolutely 



Excuse me while I just nip down to the shop for some white finger rolls so we can have tinned sausage hot dogs - see you in a bit

I've just recently found out what a Tunnocks  Marsmallow is from the Commonwealth Games when that young lady had one on here head. 

Can we also have Vol au vonts. (Spelling ?) either creamy mushroom or shrimp.

While your there TOPBIRD would you bring me a Fray Bentos S & K pie please. 

Anyone fancy a cold leftover meat sandwich ? 

Followed by Mandarin Oranges and evap milk.  If anything tasted less like oranges they did. 


Right just off - I'll pick up some volly cases - bring your own filling - think I have a Frey Bentos pie in the cupboard actually . I'll pick up a Sara Lee BF gateaux for Bekkie & anything else I think of while I'm out.

TOPBIRD. Don't forget the doilies .

Stopped at the offy as well & picked up some Babycham & a Party 7 but right now I fancy a Dubonnet & lemonade.
All the food's laid out on the G-plan table & hostess trolley so help yourself folks.
See you all later - will be settling down with gateaux when GW starts.

Phewwww I'm stuffed. Couldn't eat another thing. Must say TOPBIRD you put on a grand spread tonight. Thanks very much. 

Before I finish off with my fruit cake and sherry I'll have to have a doggy bag to take home my fish paste sandwiches.  


Runny beak.  what's a doggy bag?  Just wrap them up in a serviette.

Lol Hester you must be quite young.....years ago when you had food left on your p!ate many restaurants would give you a bag with your leftover meat etc "for your dog" but nowadays you can ask for a doggie bag in a restaurant but really it's for your own sandwiches or your lunch next day.

BTW.....Hello everyone, I am a newbie here. Hope to chat to you all soon.


Drat.  Too late to join you for that Fray Bentos steak pie...  The puff pastry always had a lovely soggy layer at the bottom... 

Runnybeak, you've got it in one.  I'm definitely Wierd... but wierd is good, n'est-ce pas?? 

gotta stop & watch GW

Hester. Are you pulling my leg about Doggy Bag ? I thought the term was still used today. I must be really old.