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Orchid Lady

LOL, after I'd posted above I read back some more if the posts and see Bekkie has already mentioned 20/20....... How did I know that Bekkie would be with me on that one  I think it was fortified wine of sorts!! My parents were very strict with me, until I met OH and turned 18, I was trying to make a jam butty one night after drinking 20/20 when out with OH (who was allowed to sleep on the sofa as he lived miles away) and I was spreading jam on the work top instead of the bread...mum just told me to clean it up before dad saw it.....oops!!!


Brandy and babycham was THE drink for special events.  Otherwise vodka and lime (couldn't drink it now - gone off lime)

I do remember going to auntie's on a Friday and having sugar butties.


Runnybeak, my whole house is magnolia or white, i cant deal with looking at too much colour either!

Mom has promised to write down the cheesecake recipie, i dont think she wants to sit and type it in a text

I too have done the phony preggers thing to get to the front of the loo que!, i also came home one xmas after drinking rather alot- attempted to lean against the wall and slid down it! I think i was still at school- my poor mother! I rarely drink at all now, isnt it funny?
I do like brandy and babysham too Lesley- keeps the cold out, am partial to a wiskey mac now and again

Yvie your China tea set is beautiful and so delicate it looks similar to a part one which I have .it is not marked but I think it's Victorian 

Your style goes well , and the candles really do add to the eera  ,just the right way to display.


Bekke, can't wait for the recipe. I know I may have to make double quantity one to eat now AND one for the freezer ! Things happen like that in our house !


My mom always does an extra one for us to bring home, it really is nice, will post it as soon as i have it

Beware its not diet food

Thanks for all you nice comments about the china, for years I tried to find a teapot that matched until I read that china made before a certain date never had teapots as you were expected to serve the tea from a silver teapot. La de da. 

I used to go for very plain decor but now I do add a bit of colour.  Only the chimney breast is wallpapered and the curtains match, the rest of the walls are in parchment a period ivory colour. Im a bit of a cushion freak so have quite a few that pick out the blue and the gold colour in the china.

Dont know how we got talking about this on Senior Moments thread, it belongs on the Shabby Chic thread really.


YVIESTEVIE . I'm a cushion freak too. And a lampshade, pillowcase freak.  I'm only allowed to go to TK Max occassionally.  My oh is sitting beside a Downton Abbey lampshade that cost me all my birthday money. He thinks it was a £9.99p jobbie. I don't do that all the time. 


Bekkie. Great minds eh ..........I do have some colour in cushions, rugs etc, but not on walls or carpet. 

Signing off now. Getting ready to go to the Triplefest in Macclesfield tomorrow. Early start. Weather doesn't look to grand for tomorrow though.  Seaside on Tiesday. 

star gaze lily

Bet we've all done that runnybeak.......knocked some ££s off 

look forward to recipe bekkie 


Our trip to Triplefest in Macclesfield was cancelled cos,of the weather. 

Its chucking it down here now, but before it started to rain really hard I managed to weed and edge my little front garden.  Came in and cooked breakfast, no heart to do anything else today. Gonna be a couch potato today and hope the weather picks up for tomorrow as we are hoping to go to Southport . 

Beaus Mum

Sorry about your cancelled trip runnybeak and hope tomorrow goes ahead, I'll keep my fingers crossed for you 

Yviestevie lovely china and if it wasn't for the lure of alcohol chat on this thread I would have missed it  

Oh and cheesecake 

Contrary to believe OL I have never tried any of those drinks, I was always harder than that  I drank gin and tonic till it didn't work anymore than scotch and lemonade till my BF and I were barred!! OMG how bad is that, lead a much quieter life style now 




I've knocked more than a few pounds off on occasion, I think of it as saving hubby the worry of realising how much I spend on the house.  Runnybeak you should try Homesense if you have one by you, it's the home division of TK Maxx and they have some fabulous one offs.

Mom was a little distracted (and a bit tipsy) yesterday, she has promised to bring the cheesecake recipie over today!

Hope mom enjoyed her birthday bekkie , there is no hurry for the yummy  recipe ,take care 



hollie hock

Did the chicken walk last night to lock them up............found out this morning, I'd locked them out!


Hope you've counted them all hollie


I'm at mum & dad's atm but on waking this morning I brought out my glasses, drinking glass, e-cig (ho hum) and just out of the door when I realised I was carrying the alarm clock

Poor chooks -  won't speak to you today

hollie hock

They all made it through Lesley, I have only 3, how hard can that be? I have felt guilty all day. They laid the eggs in the run, instead of the nest box out of protest. Don't blame them.

I'm very short sighted, I blame all of it on that, although glasses and e cig don't resemble any alarm clock that I know off




 I would love to see pics of your lucky hens.  If they still lay eggs it's not much of a protest.  

I did something else silly today but I can't remember what.  It will come to me tomorrow. Aaaagh