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 I would love to see pics of your lucky hens.  If they still lay eggs it's not much of a protest.  

I did something else silly today but I can't remember what.  It will come to me tomorrow. Aaaagh

Ooh !  Ahem !  What have I come on here for. 


It didn't come to me after all. Ah Runnybeak you came on here to ask about the support for your new climber


Yesterday we went to shop that had stairs, and an escalators we walked up the stairs. Got what we wanted knew where the down escalator was and was looking for stairs that went down 

hollie hock

They are none the worse for wear Lesley,it just made me feel like an irresponsible chicken owner I've been called worse. Will take some pics



Ha Hollie - I knew you were worried about them. Look forward to pics. I read my post and it was a bit ambiguous - I meant the chooks wouldn't talk to you.  Not me. .  I'll talk the hock off the hollie anyday

LESLEYK.  Climber ? What climber ?  I don't recall anything about support for a new climber.  Is it me, or is it you ?  I really hope it's you  Cos I have'nt bought anything that would need support lately.   Let's gloss over it shall we. 

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