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Yes, I've done them allDriven off with my handbag on the top of the car; driven off with one child safely strapped in and left the other one standing at the kerb (just for seconds, I spotted her in the rear mirror looking bemused)  These incidents occurred years and years ago and I've continued to add to them.  However, the other day it was OH's turn.  He went out for a cycle, leaving the garage door open, the connecting door open, the front door open and his keys on the outside of it!   His face was a picture when I told him and he rummaged in his pockets for the keys as if I was kidding him. 

Our front door was left open all last night, at least my keys werent in it this time!

I forgot I had had a baby 34 yeRs ago. I left him in his pram outside the chemist it was  two miles from home.  Ordinary things like keys, glasses, purse , handbag, BRAIN I spend hours looking for em ! I've looked for my glasses for,ages only to find them on my face. That's bad !  But I think it's quite normal. 

Young Kenneth Dodd calls it befuddlement.


Oh, how reassuring to read these.  I spend ages hunting for mislaid things, just hate keys tho I'm obsessed by them. I am unable to throw any out so have bags full of ancient yales chubbs, whatever.  Might need just that key one day.  I think I might have been a warder in a previous life, but my brother in law thinks I was a jailer.  Strangely I have no difficulty remembering plant names.  

Alina W

Plenty of senior moments here, too.

I'm quite capable of forgetting what the end of a sentence was going to be by the time I've written the first half!

I've also remembered something that was to go on the shopping list, and forgotten it again by the time I've found the shopping list.

Orchid Lady

Just stumbled upon this thread whilst wondering around in bewilderment at my own senior (at 41!!!) moment!! 

I can't find my watch, I don't know if I've lost it because I can't even remember if I put it on yesterday morning!!  Needless to say, I am currently watch less and a tad worried as to it's whereabouts 

It is very nice to know we all do these things, i do worry im loosing the plot at times!

So, is this just a gardening thing? Or do the unenlightened get befuddled too?
Orchid Lady

I'm constantly confuzzled at the moment (that's a Traceyism LOL!!)


must admit I do most of these and im only 33! but I did a dementia awareness course recently for work and I was assured by the instructor that all of those senior moments are perfectly normal and nothing sinister (everyone on the course was very relieved!)

Orchid Lady

People say it's because I'm too busy and always rushing round, I disagree because it seems to happen when I slow down!! So, the trick is to keep busy 


At least you can still remember that you've forgotten. The game is up when you've forgotten that you've forgotten. 

pansyface   lol

Thank goodness for auto pilot, i dont think i would get anything done otherwise!



You're not flying a plane are you?

Reminds me of the old Bob Newhart sketch about the air traffic controller.


The one thing that really makes me laugh is when you have lost something and people say.  Now when did you have it last.   Doh.


LOL oh hubby has just lost his keys!!!

I think my dog has this too, he often goes outside then just stands there looking bemused!

He's just trying to figure out humans, that's all.