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Ha ha Pansy, i doubt it, he has me and OH trained!

This is such a reassuring thread....... 


PansyFace. Yes I remember that Bob Newhart sketch. I often walk into the lounge, hands on hips and say to my oh, now then, what was it I was going to do. How should he know if I've forgotten myself!  


So far this week - I've spent 2 days looking for my garden hand fork (OH found it sticking out of the lawn), several hours looking for my secateurs (found under a bush), and another couple of hours looking for the same fork after I'd found it the first time (found under a pile of prunings). I wouldn't mind so much but I especially bought tools with bright pink and orange / yellow handles so I wouldn't lose them in the borders!

'Best' one was leaving a bag containing £30 pounds worth of shopping in my supermarket trolley on Saturday - fortunately it had been handed in & was waiting for me on Sunday - phew


Topbird, if you pick up the prunings and the secateurs together and put them through the shredder, they make an exciting clatter and there's not much left


Steve 309

How was the ice cream, Topbird?



...Oh Nut .... 

Steve - Ice Cream was excellent thanks  - hoping to have some more on Sunday at Beth Chatto's (care to join us....?). Haven't made the crab & chilli one yet ...

Pansy - we enjoyed lots of ice cream (and cake, and beer etc etc) on our GWF outing to The Old Rectory a couple of weeks ago. And we'll be doing more of the same this Sunday  - see Beth Chatto thread in this forum if you want to join us.


Ah, I'd love to see Beth Chatto's garden. I've heard such a lot about it. But I can't. Have a great time.


Think I've done nearly everything mentioned on this thread, including leaving baby son in pram outside the butchers,  I was young then. Often go to the fridge and forget what I was going for. But lost my secateurs the other day, then, the next day OH found them in his shed. He'd borrowed them and forgotten!

Rushing to get ready for the gym today, got dressed, then realised my undies were still on the bed! Doh !

Hubby is as bad as me.  He queued for ages in the post office to get his car tax only to realise that since he got it the last time it had changed into the local family planning clinic (surely the posters would have told him)

He also packed his bag for the gym in the dark and when he whipped out his underwear (in front of some very butch bodybuilders) hed packed a pair of black lace panties by mistake.  Both things hapenned on the same day!


Oh oh -  now it's getting serious! Just spent 10 mins looking for the glass of wine I 'just put down for a minute'.

Fortunately found it on the hall window sill - obvious place to look really


You've all made me feel so much better - thanks!  Haven't laughed so much in ages... and I realise I'm most definitely not alone in my daftness!


This is a little nerdy, but i have a little book that i try to write things down from this forum, pruning advice, names of plants, i do this because i have a memory like a seive - can i find the book, can i heck!
Orchid Lady

LOL Bekkie....snap!!!

I have found my watch though

Secret Squirrel

I have to have two pairs of glasses, one to use to find the first pair I took off! I have not yet lost the second pair yet, but that day will come.

Do you reckon this is just a symptom of modern living, or do you think there were cavemen wondering round trying to remember where he left his club????