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Hester......right then....thanks ..........I'll just stick to muttering like a mad woman



The food stories remind me of many years ago when I went into the kitchen & thought "strange smell" - but almost as quickly it was gone.

Over the next few days it became more noticeable until I could smell it all the time.

Eventually tracked it down to a lump of ox heart I'd put into the (rarely used) big oven to defrost for the cat's tea ..... about 2 weeks before .

Unfortunately was not to be the last time it happened 


I catch myself talking when im in the supermarket, huh, thats got as many calories in as trifle, pah not buying that at that price- and then you realise there is someone stood next to you! Foor open up please!


bekkie hughes wrote (see)
I catch myself talking when im in the supermarket, huh, thats got as many calories in as trifle, pah not buying that at that price- and then you realise there is someone stood next to you! Foor open up please!

When I'm in that situation I look around and say " he's vanished again. Every time I want him he's disappeared" 



This thread makes me feel so much better!  When my husband was my boyfriend we had arranged to meet at a cinema.  As I was driving into the car park I realised he'd said the other one.  So went to drive straight back out again.  But managed to drop the car park ticket in the car turning round. Turned up after about 20 mins of searching, thinking I was going mad.  It had managed to get in a slot in the plastic panel of the car door. By which time I needed to pay. So had to go all the way to the shopping centre to pay and come back again before I could get out and drive to the other cinema. was a bit embarrassing explaining that one....

I have them all the time specially on here, have you not noticed!!!!!!!!!!!

Orchid Lady

I had a major senior moment tonight.......,.quack quack oops   

Have you ever taken a pair of shoes to the cobblers tried explaining your wanting the strap  sewn on. Only to find you have lost it ( more ways than one) and while your rooting about in your bag and explaining you must have left it at home but clearly knowing you put them both together, holding the Que up - 6 people behind you and getting flustered by the second - only to get a tap on the shoulder and to be asked IF the shoe in your other hand is the other shoe you are looking for???????????

I was 40 years old THEN!!!!!!!!!

Orchid Lady

Ha ha ha Grancan  Not quite the same as your story, but I have done that with shoes that had an elastic thing across them which was lost and I was trying to explain it needed an new elastic thing........hard work!!  They are my driving shoes now 


Bekkie, I always talk to myself in supermarkets. Seems a normal thing to do. I talk to food while cooking it and tell it off for burning or taking too long.

Seriously, can anyone tell me where to get those keys?  Can't whistle, tho'


These moments definitely don't have to be senior.  I was in my twenties when I boarded a bus and asked the driver for '20 Embassy Regal please'. It had been a long day at work.

My niece left her flat in a hurry one morning and grabbed the bag she had ready for the bin which she promptly threw away.  Only when she got to work did she realise she had thrown away her sandwiches and had taken potato peelings for lunch


I have turned up for work either an hour early or an hour late when the clocks change, would love to say i wont do that again, but we all know i will!
My other half once posted his credit card into the parking machine, instead of the parking ticket..... We had to press the help button to get a nice gentleman to open up the machine and give it back to us... He was very kind, and said that in fact we were not the only people to have done that! A few weeks later at the same machine we paid for our parking but left the parking ticket poking out of the slot instead of taking it out of the machine again. We didn't notice our mistake until we were at the barrier in our car with no ticket...We had to press the button there and talk to the nice gentleman again..... Ahem...
I actually forgot the first line of my address yesterday, only for a moment, but that was scary!
Hi, I find that I have to remove the keys from my car ignition to remove shopping etc as my car locks itself, even if the keys are in the ignition. Even when putting fuel in as well... my point is that many clothes do not have pockets which makes keeping keys safe and accessible difficult when you have your hands full... any suggestions? I am always loosing my pruners in the garden too I dont know where they go as I have had to replace so many and never found the ones I lost.. does anyone know where they could have gone??

I was having a lovely snooze one weekend when the phone rang and it was a friend from work who I had seen the previous night wondering where I was.  'In bed' I said. Then she told me it was Friday  That was the day I was an hour late for work