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My mother is forever sending txts to the wrong person! Luckiy nothing bad -yet!

Sterelitza - I've got your you have mine? That's a bit of  a design problem with your car 

Lesley - at least your niece had something she could eat for her lunch   

I often dream that I'm late for something and it leads to all sorts of ridiculous scenarios as dreams often do. Usually when I have somewhere important to go the next day. Not often work then...

My youngest daughter once said to me when we returned to the house  'Mum, where's the car?'  Yes - we were returning in the car...... 

She's only 16...must get it from her father...

I made a doctor's appointment for Monday afternoon telling the receptionist I was on early shift. About an hour later I had to ring back and change it when I remembered I was actually on late shift.

Maybe the pruners heaven does exist after all?


I have lots of 'senior moments' when driving.  I think most of us have experienced that feeling of 'Dont know how I got here' when driving on autopilot.  One day I had a 'Dont know where I am' moment on the way home from work.  My autopilot brain had let me down and I had taken a wrong turn at an island and found myself somewhere I had never been before.  I actually had to sit and work out where I might have gone wrong before I could work my way back and resume my journey home.  I wouldnt mind but I was only in my 30's at the time.



I was on a 3 hour journey with a friend. We were talking and I didn't notice our exit from the French motorway until we had gone 60kms too far. It was a 4 hour journey!

I very often used to get the bus on the wrong side of the road and end up in the wrong town!
My OH used to commute to Coventry uni, he got on what he thought was the train to wolves-ended up in Crew! Hehehe

Hubby fell asleep on the train back from London and ended up in Wolverhampton, not far away you might say, yes but it was the last train and the taxi cost a fortune. 

I got on the bus on the wrong side of the road Bekkie, but I was 7 at the time and on the way to the swimming baths.

When I used to mine salt I used to cover two areas and Ive lost count the number of times Ive headed off to Coventry when I should have been heading off to Stafford (and vice versa). Once I went to a meeting walked in to the room and realised I was at the wrong office.  Had to call up and apologise v. embarrassed.


Yviestevie. Really made me laugh. (Tears) about you losing your way in the car. Funny.


Oh yes. Last week I bought a pair of new sandals and wondered why they were so uncomfortable. They were fine in the shop. I'd been wearing them on the wrong feet for about two hours before realising. What the hecks  wrong with me 

Talking about pruners yesterday  I had to sort through the compost bin for my trowel.having looked everywhere I traced back  my  movements.I realised it's when I'm  weeding  the borders  I sling the tools down and they get lost in the weed pile. They then get collected up and into  the compost .

My solution::

Some retraining is needed here !

I think theres a gap in the market here, we could patent pruners on string that goes through your coat like mittens!

Trouble is, we would all forget and wonder round the supermarket with secetures or a pruning saw sticking out of our sleeves!

My OH once took a 2lb jar of marmalade with him on a Christmas shopping expedition.  Just picked it up from the breakfast table with his wallet & put it in his briefcase before getting the train...  Eventually it dawned on him that his bag was heavier than he would expect, but of course he had to spend the whole day carting the marmalade around Carlisle, trying not to seem too much like a madman by bursting out laughing at what he'd done.  Meanwhile I was mystified at what might have happened to the marmalade! 



Good one Liri, thats just the sort of thing my mum used to do.  She used to swap things over as well she once put the sugar bowl on the step for the milkman to collect and the empty bottle in the cupboard. 

Yesterday i was watching 8out of 10 cats does countdown, i thought 100x50 was 500!
Today i tried to unload washing from the oven!

If anyone finds my marbles, could you kindly post them back

Just come in from a session in the garden. Took off my gardening clothes, folded them up on the bed ready to go away, brushed my hair, put my gardening clothes back on again......


Sorry Bekkie - postage is too high nowadays - I'll just let my boys (aged 63,33,31) play with them.

At least they will be of some use there Lesley!

I blame this stupid dog for causing me sleep deprevation, cant sleep through any more, has to get up and pee, but half the time the silly old fool cant rember what he went out for! Sound familliar?